For You

For You

A Poem by Seeker

Tribute to a very special person. #1 in a series of poems about missing someone


Writing a song for you


work out very well.

Either you

Transcend song


I’m just too afraid to cry.


Not a bad thing.

I’ll get over it.


I’ll wish you luck

And grin when I finally get to say

“I told you so”

And maybe we said ‘I love you’

much too late

maybe we won’t see each other for a while.

But as I’ve said,

I’m having faith enough for the both of us.


Eight letters

Three words

One meaning?



I love you;

More than I can say.

And all the corny things

That can be said

all apply:

You mean everything to me.

I really can’t imagine life without you.

You understand me in a way

no one else does

and you accept all my defects, dysfunctions, and retardedness

as much as my joys, my dreams and my desires.

You’ve been there on more than one occasion

to help me pick up the pieces and look forward to life.

To put it simply,

You’re my happy thought.

You’re an awesome person

And the world will soon know it.


Our time will come eventually

And honestly I’m in no rush

Because I have my own growing and healing to do

Before I can love properly.

And I think you can understand this.


I’ll miss you

but having our own adventures

isn’t new.

© 2010 Seeker

Author's Note

Wrote this not long after he told me the official leaving date. Meant to finish it professionally and inject a bunch of metaphors and symbols but sometimes straight forward and explicit is the best thing, even in a poem.

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Added on September 27, 2010
Last Updated on September 27, 2010
Tags: memory, light, missing someone, love



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