Lunch Time

Lunch Time

A Story by Julia

A fun little assignment where we should just sit around somewhere and write a story inspired by what we witness. I chose to loiter around the dining hall.

'Ignore me!'

Her friend looked up startled from her tomato salad. 'Sophie? What are you-'

The girl quickly lowered herself into the seat beside Violet where she assumed a rather uncomfortable-looking crouched position.

'I said don't draw attention to me! I have to remain as inconspicuous as possible today.'

Violet sighed. 'What have you done this time?'

'Well, I might have made a rather inappropriate joke about Principal Jenkins this morning without realizing that she was standing just around the corner right then.'

'Huh, surprisingly I was picturing something much worse.'

'So the last thing I want is to run into her during lunch time with nowhere to run to.'

'But then why don't you just buy something to eat in the safety of your room?'

Sophie's eyes almost began to glow. 'Because they're serving lasagna today! And red velvet cake for desert to boot! I'll be fine as long as I keep my head down and my eyes peeled on any signs of our beloved leader.'

'I see...well, enjoy your food with that Damocles Sword over your head.'

'Thanks, I will!'

Sophie gingerly picked up her knife and fork and started slicing into the delectable treat while letting her glance wander across the room. More people were starting to filter in now and soon the hall was filled with the buzzing sound of chatter and the clinking of cuttlery.

'Huh, it is actually pretty interesting', Sophie thought to herself, 'to observe people's behaviour when eating. The way some immediately start looking around anxiously to spy anybody they might sit next to and delight with their company, while others seem almost magnetically drawn to those dark, peopleless corners furthest away from the door for some peace and quiet. Joana is of course the center of attention at her table again. Gosh, does that girl ever stop talking? She's been sitting there for at least five minutes and hasn't even touched her food yet - mind you, she doesn't look like she eats all that much anyway. She should - hey, there's that girl who lent me her pencil in Biology today. I haven't seen her before but...yup, a corner-person just as suspected. She looks really nice, I should say hello next time I see her and am not busy trying to prevent this proverbial noose from tightening around my pretty, pretty throat. Ah, Philip has arrived. Soon as he's done loading up on napkins - Jesus, how many does the guy need? - people will start frantically waving their arms around, begging for his attention. I see you over there, Joana, craning your neck like a viper having spotted its prey. Personally, I don't see what's so great - oh, he's fulfilled his intense napkin-needs and started moving, peopel! And he's heading for...I knew it, Joana has sunk her perfectly bleached teeth into him - not literally of course, though that might be among her future goals. Just look at her chatting him up all puppy-eyed and baby-faced. Oh? He's moving again! Where is he going? Is that? Could it? Yes, he's sitting down across pencil-girl! Ha, if you could see your face right now, Joana! That's what you get for saying my painting in Art Class looked slightly immature. Awww, look at the two of them, such cutie-pies! They're gonna have beautiful babies.'

Absentmindedly Sophie let her hand roam searchingly across the table. 'Vi, hand me the pepper, will ya?'

'Certainly, Miss Fielding', came back a slightly irritated voice that was decidedly not Violet's.

Sophie took her eyes off the future Mr. and Mrs. Pencilnapkin to behold the one having gained possession of the pepper shaker.

'Oh, poopy.'

© 2017 Julia

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Very cute story, fun to read (and I'm sure fun to write) Good work.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Hehe, this was a fun read. It reminded me how rapid fire my thoughts were in early secondary school and how there was constantly an inner conversation going on haha!

Posted 12 Months Ago

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This is one of those "slice of life" pieces I love! You perfectly described a young person's thoughts while they people-watch during lunch. Well written, and I enjoyed this immensely.

Posted 12 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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