She’s not okay

She’s not okay

A Story by Someones

Yes she know she is not okay but that doesnt give them the right to look at her like that. She might act as she doesnt care but she does and a lot but sometimes she doesnt want the attention she really needs, she dont want people to see her as weak and instead she want to people see her as a careless person and as a brave strong person, and she is all that until faces turn away, until she goes to her room, locks her door and go to bed thats when she knows she’s not okay, thats when she breaks over and over again, analyzing the whole day and how she manage to ruin everythig and even the little things that people might not see, those are ruined by her too.

People criticize her for being a girl that doesnt care about anything and for being a stubborn girl that her results go lower and lower by time. But people dont know that she is not functioning anymore, that she does not have any motivation left or that she cannot concentrate for more than five minutes studying because her mind tells her to criticizes herslef, her mind tells her to self-harm herself in order to feel “good” in order for her to remind her brain that she is not okay and self-harm in order for her to remember that around people she might seem normal but that her cuts in her legs says otherwise.. the only thing that she has to remember is that she is not okay and that it is not her fault but saddly she never accomplish to remember that..

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Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on November 21, 2017
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