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A question

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The scariest thought just cross my mind.. lately I been sad, tired, no motivated, crying and even tho I refused to think is depression, what if it is?, or what if a little of my brain think it is? What If I just begun to pretend like I always do, but this time, what if Im pretending to myself?

Im so drama and ridiculous that maybe Im just wishing to be depressed in order to explain my actions and motives, because that way Im creating an excuse to my stupid thoughts and actions, what if I just want attention?, what if Im just a person meant to failure?, and whaf if I know that Im already a failure?, that might explain the 1% of me that belives that has depression, and maybe I just want to have an excuse in order to live my life as a “normal” person.. and as “happy” person..

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creative! i was also thinking that to myself

Posted 3 Months Ago

Hi there and welcome to WC, the thought that I came up with while reading this piece is maybe your overthinking it? I can't say for sure, only a dr. can tell you that, but that's what I came up with after reading these words.

Posted 3 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

Hi and thanks yes probably Im just overthinking it

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