I Remember It Hurts, Looking At Her Heart

I Remember It Hurts, Looking At Her Heart

A Story by Somu

It's a story about a boy who fell with love with beautiful girl. But something was wrong with the girl. Later the boy discover he was in his ancestors memory.


          I remember it hurts, looking at her hurt.

1.    The Roof Top.

It was a foggy midnight and chilled as ice, the wind got me in the wonder land. I was sitting at the roof of my house,expecting a miracle to happen. I was late for my project at the end of junior school tomorrow was our last day at junior school and we all gonna be promoted in high school. I got two friends. Rusty, a skinny guy….generally he was known to be the intelligent one among us three and he was also addicted to some nasty stuffs as cigarette and alcohol. The other one is CJ (Charls Jeans), knows as CJ…he was buff and small but he has an ultranatural talent of saving us from any problem we get into. Although we three made a good friendship for all this three years and I was glad to have them and the saddest part of this is we are purposively not gonna see each other after junior school. So it  was very heart breaking but life is about to going on. So what the heck am I doing on my roof top I should be going on with my project on micro Biology or else I am gonna fail and tomorrow is the last day of my school and the last day for submission. I got to my room and started working on it, it took me the whole night to complete the project and I slept around 5o clock when the birds clippered on my window and I noticed it was the sun picking herself from my window.




2.    The last day of junior school.

The  school was abnormally clam and silent. There was usually the noise of closing and opening of the desks, the childrens shouting and Teacher teaching.

I realized it was all because it was the last day we all gonna see eachother so I submitted my project, my biology teacher seemed pleased with my project. Then there was the drowned moment, the bell rang and it was the end of our school. I wished best of luck for the future to my friends and we hugged eachother and slowly walked out of our class. I got home and took a egg and some salad for lunch. My father called me ‘Casper,come here son’ I got to my father upstairs and he and I made a conversation over the topic of my highschool. So it was finally decided that I am gonna go to the Harvard high school to make my further studies over the subject of micro biology. So the day after that me and my father got there and made a admission.

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. Am Casper Edge, my age is 18 and my skin color is pale white and my height is 5’11 feet. My friends told me that I was good looking but I barely believed them. I lost my mother when I was 7 so we are all my dad and me.So after the admission I somehow arranged the books and stuffs for my class from a retail  shop. From next week the school opens and I was ready for that.

3.  The first day of my High School

It was a sunny day to start a new life on my new school.

I got to the school, at first I got to the administrator to understand my class routine. Then I got to my class and gave a slip to my teacher that was handed to me by the administrator .

It was sir Jhoseps class and he introduce me to the class,all the students look as ignored the topic, I question myself that will I be able to make some friends. Well I ignored the topic and look further to my class. Sir Jhosep made me sit on the 3rd bench.

All the benches of my class was filled apart from two benches..the bench I am sitting on and the bench right beside me. Previously I took a look on the students slip and I very well remember that this class was filled of students and I was the last to arrive here so it made me curious for a second that who was absent in the class. After the bell rang all the students seemed to ignore me except one.

“hey buddy, aren’t you from Arizona?’ a voice from my back.

‘yes’ I replied.

The boy was tall with long hair upto his shoulder.

‘I am Jacob and you are Casper right?’ he asked.

‘Yeah man,nice to meet you’ I replied. He was a good guy.

4.  The stranger.

That day we exchanged our number and I don’t remember much of that day because I was exhausted after a hard day of travelling,so I came back to my room and slept instantly.

I rented a room few blocks away from my high school.

So the next day I woke up early and was setting up my room and when I got out from my house to throw some trash out, my attention was suddenly arrested by a girl walking right infront of my house on the road,I didn’t looked closely because her face was covered with her beautiful silky hair but I do remember she was the most beautiful girl god has ever created on this planet. She was brownish white with a height of approximately  5’8 feet.

As she passed by I stood there holding the trash bag on one hand, I stood there for few minutes then I came back from the wonder world and gave myself a pinch. That day I didn’t go to school and latter at night I rode a book of Jules Vern ‘20,000 leagues under the sea’ but all the time I ignored the thought but eventually I was thinking about her all the time and was curious about how would her face look like.

Then my father called and I talk to him for few minutes about how’s my school going and he told he would visit me next weekend. I felt alone but didn’t let my father notice it.

5.  Jacob a good friend.

The next day i woke up and brushed my teeth and had some breakfast. But the thought about the girl remained in my mind all the time. Then I headed for school I took a bus along the route. I reached school. I sat in my class,well I was preety amazed because no one was there in the class but it was 9:30 and the school starts from 9:30 then I looked at the clock outside from my class and realized that its 8:30 and my watch was running fast in time.

I waited in my class alone sitting on my desk and reading a story book. Then slowly the students started to arrive and in more few minutes the class filled and the  teacher also arrive,but the desk beside me still remained silence.

After the class a voice called me ‘Hey Casper, wanna have launch with me?’ it was Jacob.

‘Sure man’ I replied in a clam voice thinking at least someone wants to be friend with me.

Then we got to the canteen talking about our projects this semester. Jacob seems to be a really known guy to this school and he knows everybody.

We sat there and had some french fries and tacos with a conversation over the topic of students. Then I asked “Why the bench beside me is empty, whose place is that?”

6.    The unknown girl.

‘A girl’ he replied.

‘Really? So why isn’t she there? It’s very difficult to get the important notes afterwards’ I ask with curiosity.

‘I don’t know, her name is Jenny Christropher, but I could tell you that the girl is little wired and awkward’ he replied.

‘Why do you think so?’ I asked.

‘Not only me the whole school thinks so because she doesn’t talk to any one’ he replied wondering why I was asking this, with a chuckled face.

Then I thought to get over the topic. After that the bell rang.

After the school I got home and made myself some dinner and took a bottle of beer and sat in front of my laptop and began to prepare my project.

I looked through the window and saw that beautiful girl getting into from my window and her face was all black I couldn’t see her face. I shouted loudly ‘OMG, who are you what do you want ?’then suddenly I woke up and realized it was a dream yes it was a dream i felt asleep while working, i washed my face and drunk a class of water, it was getting cold outside so I turned on the heater.


7.    The face.

I haven’t slept that night or truth be told I couldn’t. That was the first day I dreamt of that girl.

I got to school with sleepy eyes,I was early so I took a quick nap.When I woke up a miracle took place,I was looking at something very beautiful, a very gorgeous face of a girl looking at me. I pinched myself thinking that I could be once again dreaming but for the matter of fact it was real. It was the same girl I saw few days ago in the streets and also dreamt about her.

I couldn’t believe my eyes,she was very beautiful. And she was sitting right to the desk beside me which was supposed to be known as empty.

I sat straight she looked at the teacher. I was looking at her.

The whole class I looked at her brownish hair, Chrystal clear eyes,her face and in one was in the first look I was completely mad for her.

The bell rang. But for no reason she hurried out of the class before anyone else. Then I got out of the class and started looking for her. I was hungry so I got to the canteen and my friend Jacob called me to sit with his friends. I was in a rush so I denied him. While ordering the food I saw her sitting alone in a table in the corner of the canteen and reading a book but no food infront of her. I thought to introduce myself to her.

8.    The introduction.

So I took my ham burger and sat infront of her to talk to her. She didn’t notice me or maybe she did and ignored I couldn’tell.

I thought to introduce myself to her.

‘Hello’ I began with a soft voice.

‘Hii’ she replied raising her head with a beautiful voice I can’t explain .

‘Am Casper Egde and I am in you biology class’ I replied.

Smiling under her lips ‘Yeh I saw your face when you saw me,it was kindda funny and am Jenny Christroper,nice to meet you’she replied.

‘So you are absent for few days’ I told curiously.

‘Yeh some personal reasons’ she replied with a deep voice.

‘Well hows your study going on?’ I asked thinking  that she would be bored.

‘Quite well’ she replied.

Then the bell rang and we once steped to our biology class together. She sat right beside me. The teacher began his teaching but little did he know I was in the wonder land.

I looked at her face for the whole class. And she was looking at sir Jhosep teaching.Some time she looked at me and smiled.

9.    Jenny Christroper.

So later that day we talked a lot with each other. We came to know eachother a lot, her family my family.

She stays with her father and mother and she also has an elder brother who studies at London.

In one word it was love at first sight.

She was beautiful and so her mind. We talked days after days over night on phone, at class, at canteen,at her house, at my house.

But I noticed something very strange about her, Whenever she talk she starts to cough. I asked her 1000 of times that please let me know what’s the matter with you but she somehow managed to avoid the conversation over that topic.

As days passed by we fell in love with each other more deeply.

I know that I was unconditionally and irrecoverably in love with her.

Months passed by as we had a lot of fun. Sometime we gone to the park or some time we visited the museum but it was all of fun except one fact on my mind that she was hiding some thing from me.

On 23rd May,2011 I was very happy and I got to the school to see her but she was absent so I waited and waited but she didn’t showed up.

I was very nervous and my veins were full of tension that what could have happened to her.

10.                     The Pain.

Later that day after school I called her but it said that the phone is switch off. I tried her home as a coincidence it says the same.

So I picked a bus and got to her house but the house was locked. At that time I can feel the pain deep down in the bottom of my heart.

I sat in front of their door the whole night hooping them to arrive. It was ice cold outside as it was snowing but the only pain I can fell was in my heart.

I got to my house the next morning I cried a lot ,I tried her phone 1000 times….

A week passed by but there was no presence of Jenny .

I was totally broken.

I also got fainted in the class once. My eyes were red of crying.

There is a well known quote  “PAIN DEMANDS TO BE FELT”

After 2 weeks, one day I got to the class late and saw her there.

11.            Pain demands to be felt.

I can’t explain the feeling when I saw her.

The class was going on as per sir Jhosep’s command and it was pin drop silence around the class with only sir Jhosep touting.

‘Can I get in?’ I demanded to sir Jhosep.

‘You may’ he replied.

I realized something is strange as I passed by Jenny and as if she didn’t noticed me.

I sat on my desk and called Jenny with a lower soft voice ‘Jen’

There was no reply from her and much of a strange she didn’t even looked at me.

I once again called her,and the same thing repeated.

‘Silence’ sir Jhosep demanded with a deep terrifying voice. So I remained quite but unexpectively she didn’t look at me for once throughout the whole class. My eyes became red and full of water tempting to burst out…

The bell rang and it was time for lunch. Jenny hurried out of the class before anyone else could. I sat for a moment on my desk exploring that what could go wrong with her.

Then I walk out of class for lunch slowly. I saw her sitting at the corner table of the canteen.

12.                   Moment of truth.

She was sitting alone looking downwards towards the floor,there was no book and not a single piece of chocolate fries infront of her which she loved the most.

So I took a ham burger for me and a plate of chocolate fries for her and sat infront of her.

She didn’t looked at me.

‘Jen,you alright?’ with a deep voice from my throat.

She was still.

‘Hey,Jen talk to me I have been so mad for you. Where have you been for so long?’ red eyes with a cold voice.

‘Do I know you?’ she replied with a threatening voice.


An electric shock passed through my back bone. My heart felt heavy as 100 of kilos.

Her voice sounded a little different.

‘Are you kidding me?’ I questioned her hiding my terror behind my smile and trying to be funny.

‘Hell no…get out from here and don’t annoy me or I will complain to the principal’ she was furious at me.


13.            The black day.

She walked out infront of me and I sat there finding the difference between a sci-fi movie and a real life of a human being.

The bell rang but I sat there for the whole day looking at her untouched meal and pinching me over and over again thinking that it is a dream and I should wake up from all this but that didn’t happen for the long 3 hr at canteen.

It started snowing and I walked to my house with a blank mind only thinking that what is happening and hoping its all a lie.

I got to my room quickly made myself a dinner. And called my father with red eyes.

I talked with my father for about 20 minutes.

I washed my face, although I couldn’t feel anything.

I slept peacefully without thinking anything.

At around 3o clock I felt my lungs was bursting out as I couldn’t breath….i woke up got on my roof top and sat on the snow.

I still cant feel anything…

I woke up at my rooftop and understood that I have had felt asleep the previous night over my roof.

There was snow all over me.




14.            The Breaking Dawn.

I realized the pain in my heart.

I got to school and sat on my desk. She was there as if she was unwelcoming me. After few minutes she felt asleep. I stared at her for the whole class I looked closely and I saw her nose was bleeding.

‘Hisssssssss’ I whispered ignoring the pain in my heart.

She woke up looking at me. I initiated her nose that she was bleeding then she quickly wiped her nose with her sweater.

I was hoping she would talk to me but there was no response from her through out the whole day.

The next day she was there in the class,I was hopeless but also curious.

At the lunch break she walk and sat beside me.Reading her old book and eating chocolate fries.

For a moment I thought that I got my Jenny back. So I indented to start a conversation.

‘Hello Jen’ my voice was soft.

‘Hello Casper’ she with her sweet voice.

‘Do you love me Jen?’ I asked with tears from my eyes.

‘I did but you didn’t’ she was crying too.



15.                   The Reality.

‘Why Jen? Why?’ I asked her.

She didn’t reply. There was a head pain occurring in the back of my head,all the things started to fade away.

Jenny Christroper was fading away right infront of me like a water vapor. My head was paining like someone was hitting my head with a big hammer over and over again.

                        Suddenly it was all black out.

‘Sir,you alright’ a voice came.

‘Sir,we have done it’ again that same voice.

I slowly opened my eyes…I was laying down over a electronic sofa….and there was a bunch of wires around me,I realized all the wires were connected by a pin pinched all over my body and there was also a helmet like stricter on my head.

‘Where am i?’ I asked with a terrifying voice to the man speaking to me.

‘We done it sir, congratulation’ he spoke.

Another men came ‘Sir Edwardo ? You will be fine’ he told.

I was totally unaware of everything.

Then he gave me a medicine and I fall asleep.When I woke up I came to the reality.


16.                   The Conclusion.

Yes I am the owner of Octus Pvt.Ltd(A technological hardware company)

We made a machine named Anonamoys which let people relive there ancestor memory.

I was the first person in the history to test Anonamoys and I have been in the memory of my grandfather. He is Casper Edge. And I am Edwardo Edge.

I have been sleeping on that sofa for so many months. It felt like real.

I am writing this story about my life after 3 days of regaining consciousness  into as Edward-the real me. However I always wonder “May be we,I mean your this life, if its all about fake and we are from the future and we came into our ancestors body to relive there memory and we are totally unware of the fact….and what if one day you woke up in that electronic sofa?”

 “What would have happen to my grandfathers girlfriend Jenny”. The question remained in my mind. And one day I will find all the secret behind this scrambled reality.

               “I remember it hurts, looking at her hurt” 



© 2017 Somu

Author's Note

This is a Real Work by Soumyadeep Kundu(Somu).
I hope you Like my Story and if you do so please don't forget to dump a review.
You need to read to the last of the story to get your mind blown.
And subscribe for the second part.
Thank You

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