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A Poem by StaRsmacK


You know what they say
That it's better this way
Eat my soul and then
Walk away
Whisper secrets as you go
Your crimson eyes aglow

I must open myself up
To embrace the burn
These rules just won't bend
So I will crash into them
Thrashing for
That last cleansing breath
Before I rip off my skin
Everywhere I turn
I face a dead end

I can't walk away
Best I don't stay
With this fire within
So please tell me when
Through your soul eating grin
It is time to plunge
Into the deep end

You can say
You don't care
That life isn't fair
Bite the bullet
And do not dare
Separate myself
From the crowd
Do not think
At least not out loud
Be one of the sheep
Appear to be weak

You say
Embrace the lies
Heed the message I send
Extinguish the fire inside
On which I depend
Close my eyes
Plunge into the abyss
Leaving the world I won't miss

Please tell me why
It must be this way
Tell me why I
Must do what they say
Get on my knees and
To something
That will never exist
I cannot do this

My mind speaks
While the fire burns low
But the embers remain
Keeping aglow
Until it happens again

It rages
It burns
It hurts
Deep within
Tattered bloody skin
I walk the path I chose
Now I turn my back to
To go
To Run

But it will happen again
The burn deep within
Part of me
This cannot be
But I am afraid it is so
Forever the embers
Keep a crimson

© 2013 StaRsmacK

Author's Note

This is a long one, but the length is necessary to convey the message! This poem is about the passion inside of me that doubles as madness. And the struggle to fit in with the rest of the world as I go through life with these crazy things running through my brain. There is also an interaction going on in the poem between me & a being that remains undisclosed. Is this my alter ego, or something evil? It's open for interpretation...

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Added on May 17, 2012
Last Updated on June 27, 2013
Tags: Passionate, Poem, Poetry, Progressive poetry, Embers




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