Gone Missing

Gone Missing

A Story by Stella

She is missing...

"Hello Kayla" I said opening the door for my good old friend" long time no see! When was the las time time that we saw each other?

"After graduation, we went to the beach to celebrate our new freedom, that was ten years ago" said Kayla.

"What have you been doing?" I asked.

"A lot of things, living life more than the maximum. Have you read the newspaper today?

"No, why?" I said, my hand reaching the newspaper.

"Just another robbery in the Willow's Manor" she said opening the newspaper for me to see.

"Sebastian was so nice..." I said, feeling bad for our school friend, Sebastian Willow.

"Yeah" there was a weird silence. I could see Kayla's face, she seemed to be on a hurry.

"Why did you came?" I asked, while another question appeared in my mind" How did you get my address?

"I have my ways" said Kayla, this looked fishy...

"What are you doing here?" I asked, less friendly this time.

"Just wanted to say goodbye" said Kayla" I'm going to France tomorrow morning, and you were such a great friend to me...

Some time passed, Kayla staring at a photo of us that I kept.

"That was an amazing vacation, going camping together, I loved it" she said nostalgically.

"Me too.

"Anyone, I have to go" said Kayla and she hugged me" I have to run, it was a pleasure meeting you.

Before I could say anything or even process her words, she was already in her car, going to who knows where.

When I relaxed myself a little bit, I grabbed the newspaper and saw the title.

It was her, she was a runner, Kayla was gone missing.

© 2017 Stella

Author's Note

This is my first history, hope you enjoyed!!!

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Added on August 28, 2017
Last Updated on August 28, 2017
Tags: Mistery, horror, friends, missing, teengager, shorthistory



Hogwarts, Gryffindor, United Kingdom

I'm a young writer, that her words are better written than spoken... my name is Stella Loreley and I love Harry Potter!!! more..

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