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Have you ever heard about Bloodwolves?

Have you ever heard about Bloodwolves?

They were created by the fear of people that felt towards the forest in the Medieval Era. But some people say, that they were created even before humanity existed by an evil force.

Bloodwolves are slightly bigger that normal wolves, but they look like this animals. Although, if you look at them in the eye, you can see that their eyes are bleeding.

When you notice this, you have to run as fast as posible, since if a Bloodwolf catches you, it will eat your soul. Plus, this monsters have super speed and super strength, which makes it more difficult to scape.

But it can be killed. You can trapped it in a circle of salt, throw holy water at it and burn it to death, but of course, this is really difficult, since Bloodwolves are really clever and don't get fooled easily. It can also be killed by a gunshot on the head, but the bullet has to be of pure silver. If you miss, the monster will get angrier and more aggressive.

You can control a Bloodwolf if you practice a dark art called Obeah, which is a kind of sorcery that is especially of the Caribbean. The Bloodwolf will do anything that you want if you give it blood, which it makes it live. If the Bloodwolf have done the work for you, but you haven't paid him back, after some time it will take it's payment out of you.

So, do you believe in Bloodwolfs?

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Hope you enjoyed! Ignore grammar problems!

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Added on September 8, 2017
Last Updated on September 8, 2017
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