Do you like Bananas, Batman?

Do you like Bananas, Batman?

A Story by ErithVert

I wrote especially for the Joker competition :)



                "I feel as though it is time to tell you all of the truth. The honest truth. As if there were any other kind, right Batman? Well..." He stared at Batman's chain-covered body and began to cackle to himself. The cackle grew into a loud, choking cough and then silence. "I am a serious man." He said. "I am a seriously serious man. You think that my mind is spoiled like a piece of food. But I see the truth, the truth is everywhere and I see it, only I see it. And that is what is hilarious, how stupid all of you are that you cannot see it." He dumped the bag out on the counter; the banana, the gun, the rubber chicken, the flowers he collected off the highway among other things. He began arranging the objects as if they were pieces of a puzzle. "The connections. Only I see them," he said to himself. Batman stared at him, truly lost.

                "No matter what it is you are talking about, you are wrong. Joker." Batman grumbled. The joker laughed to himself.

                "Oh it scares you, the idea that I am right. I scare you." He laughed again, still arranging the objects.

                "You have never scared me."

                "You lie, you lie, you lie."

                "Why are you so desperate for my acceptance? It is pathetic, really."

                "Your acceptance? You to laugh at my jokes, is that what you think I want?"The joker's smile turned into an exaggerated frown. But with a bold laugh his callous grin reemerged. "We were almost friends once. But for as long as I can remember, I have wanted you dead. And even after you are dead, I will still desire to kill you and lament that I could not kill you in more inventive ways. And I have been saving this moment for all of these years so I could savor it and know I killed you the best way." Then he picked up the banana like it were gun and held it to Batman's head.

© 2014 ErithVert

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I'm a big DC fan and I've got to say, "Great job showing Joker! I'd dread meeting him how you describe him."

Seriously though, that's a good representation. I think the other people in the competition might have a run for their money. Unless the actual Joker enters one.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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A Story by ErithVert