�Another Late Train�

�Another Late Train�

A Poem by Steven Pottle

Sitting waiting at another delayed station
“Balham, this is Balham” can be heard outside
I stare at the tomato plants that try to grow on the tracks
Yellow and withered in their used toilet paper beds
Looking up as the train opposite screeches away ahead of us
Leaving me frustrated at their exiting smug faces
I wonder if I should just get out for some fresh air
As there is an orange Autumn light that hits the leaves on the trees
Giving the day a marmalade glow…
Wanting to be anywhere but here in this sheltered hell

As we finally shunt away from the platform
My upright delight is slumped back down again
Trying not to overhear my fellow passengers- but I can’t help myself
Suit number one says, “South London makes the black boys louder, probably why he became a racist”
Suit number two nods in agreement
I point out, “Actually everyone is loud nowadays- black, white, gay, straight, young, old, skirts AND suits…also your friend is probably racist as he belives the opinions he reads in The Daily Mail”
They both look horrified- Suit number two looks like he wants to die
Glaring into the window as they get off at the next stop

There are noisy kids that smell of coca-cola with their noses pressed up against greasy windows
I blame the parents for their constant noise
They could easily be silenced by just one pleasant reply
Asking random questions about unknown destinations
Mother’s reply is: “Just sit down and shut up”
I judge their parents short, annoyed responses
So sure that I could do better myself
But given the chance then I’ll probably be the one snapping, “Just sit down and shut up”
Disappointed with myself, it’s I-pod on for the last half of the journey
Frantically texting: “Sorry I’m late, just outside Victoria…Get me off of here!”


© 2009 Steven Pottle

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Great entertainment. Luckily you managed to avoid the 'I'm a normal person, get me out of here' in the last line. Ant and Dec have a lot to answer for....
Favourite stanza is the last one, you have captured a picture perfectly.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Excellent write here,
I can visualize this write.
I find it amusing at the end really!
Wonderful statement here.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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2 Reviews
Added on October 25, 2009


Steven Pottle
Steven Pottle

London, South London, United Kingdom

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