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A Poem by Steven Pottle

If I could speed across the city to shelter you from another downpour,
Then you know that I would be there
If I could leap into action every time your work load spews over into home time,
Then you know I’d try my all to help you out
Makes me wonder is it raining where you are?
Is that why you are late home tonight?

If I could dance all night to show you my new moves, the spins that would knock you off your feet
Then I would have come out too
If I could afford to stay up all night long and hold you into the first peep of a new morning sun
Running out, then I would lock the door goodnight
I’m sitting here on the sofa thinking about calling you…
Did another bar call your name after work again?

If only I could be a spontaneous Leo and surprise you all with a sudden appearance- comically take us all into a great evening of laughing, flirting and exciting danger…
I would love that!
If only I could be that person who would make everything alright, protect everyone without my own concerns…
I would love that too
But I’m experiencing a young life like an old man would do
Weak weeks and Autumn evenings
I can actually see the time slipping, the experiences and invitations disappearing
So are you all bored of my unexplored?
Because I know I am

I want to be the strong one
I want to be involved with everything in your weekends
Unable to approach the table and I’d love to be sat there sometime
You know it kills me every second to think that I cannot completely provide or produce a manly determined stride
The scene is always the same played out here, but in my mind and heart I’m superman carrying you to the highest point of this city
One day I’ll show you who I really can be…

If only it was this Saturday.



© 2009 Steven Pottle

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Dear Steven,

This is a heart-wrenching poem. To not be the superman one wants to be is a horrible fate. We all face this to some degree. Yet when the mark is missed so much because of handicap or desease, how much the more horrible. And to face even partial abandonment because of some weakness that cannot be overcome, that's again horrific. It's a driving of the knife into someone who doesn't have the capacity to move and get out of the way. Such a cold and bitter blade.

A beautiful write and so insightful like almost all of your writing.

Best regards,


Posted 8 Years Ago

I liked this. It was very blunt, and then very poetic in parts. Definitely spoke to me with its message. Feels like I'm always working and never playing. Being the shy, reserved introvert, I always envied the people who could go out and make things happen.

Posted 8 Years Ago


What a wonderful write. So full of unanswered questions, heartbreak, deep emotions of love.These lines here is awesome:
"Weak weeks and Autumn evenings
I can actually see the time slipping, the experiences and invitations disappearing
So are you all bored of my unexplored? "

Excellent write!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Steven Pottle
Steven Pottle

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