Stars That Light the Darkness

Stars That Light the Darkness

A Poem by Li Li

Just a test. Trying to see how this format is taken by the readers.


The sound of speech,
no longer the resolution of comprehension.
The apparition of foretold prophesies,
now the reality of the common.
Under the perception of evolving universes,
the parrallel unification mobilizes.
Faintly, from what solely seemed a particle of dust,
the formation of brethren begins.

"The creation of heaven and earth,
will give birth to the breath of man.
United the devoted will stand,
as justification serves its course

through the sands of time and tides.
The tribes of different faces
will build walls from the stones of thy own flesh.

Do not fret!
For thee of little belief may be blind to see.

If darkness is taken in thine one eye conferred for light,
to the night of few or deficient stars, thou shalt be cast.
Without celestial luminance, there is no spiritual illumination.
Without perceptual experience, there is only thyself."

© 2009 Li Li

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Excellent piece of writing
Really enjoyed

Posted 1 Year Ago

Great write.I enjoyed it.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Superb insight into the inescapable truth of all in our universe. We are irrovocably connected. A challenging topic. Your dip into our existence, and our all emerging from old stars. A ponderous pen. Delicate, yet confident.

Posted 7 Years Ago

(cracks knuckles)

It has been awhile since I've reviewed poetry, so I might be rusty. The first stanza appears to be the opening or the hindsight the reader could use in understanding why the art and event of creation was so powerful. Before us there was nothing, and boom, there were people lighting the way to civilization like stars in the heavens. I like how you say that the united will stand, survive in the light, but those that are hell bent on negativity, will remain closed off in the darkness. This coud be a page from the bible, but I know that it is not. I think that if I heard this while reading it would make a greater impact. Your word choice is much stronger and your flow seems to weave, linear, and non-linear like the stars themselves.

I am off to bed now. I will write more about this piece ASAP.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I must ask Gandre.... who has written this before I? And.. is there a such thing as a "fragmented" soul?

Posted 9 Years Ago

but this, already somebody wrote before you: perceptual experience, and ego - write something - what you invent, not a repetition. I'm sorry, this did not create a rhythm, not a memory. It is clumsy in it's style, it goes not like da da da daaa da da da daaa nothing like that. But some fragmented souls might love this. There is always poetry for someone.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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your edge is getting sharper and sharper word by word. As always, impressive, Li Li ...:-)

Posted 9 Years Ago

lovely ...

Posted 9 Years Ago

It's intresting to think that what has been foretold before we are now living in. I'm convinced that poets, sages, oracles and writers have spoken of things that are happening now, having thrown down the mantle to us as the up and coming generation.
I like this peice it is slightly different to the normal LiLi stuff but still shows the depth and the strength of the woman. I think this poem is about RHYTHM. And the line that draws me to that is the very first one. "The sound of speech no longer the resolution of comprehension." . If we have no speech then there is just noise, but with RHYTHM the noise is ordered. I can imagine an Orchestra getting ready to play "Concerto For Creation" They are behind RHYTHM as she brings about her creation. The sound and notes buliding as her narrative brings forth events.

I see her speaking the first four lines and as she speaks the last "Common" the sound begins a little light strings with just as touch of cymbols.
"Evolving universies" As she points stars and galaxes appear as a back drop to her narration. She gives Mars a red tinge. Gives Jupiter that famous red dot because she has a little Mars dust on her hands still. And with a twist and a twirl Saturn now has rings.
And through it all the music builds.

She takes some dust from the Earth and blows it gently to the wind and man is formed. She looks upon his form and speaks only two words
Man is alive and at one with the Earth and at one with RHYTHM.
And through it all the music builds.

She dances,she moves bringing Heaven and Earth together at the creation of man. She dances so that through the fullness of time strongholds will be broken, the weak will be made strong, the devoted will stand united, and the tribes of different faces will build walls from the stones of thy own flesh. and through it all the music builds.

RHYTHM calls forth Justifcation. He dances and spins he is fast, strong , quick, light and has a presence that fills the whole place. After a breathtaking performance RHYTHM calls to Justification and comands him to "Go and serve his time upon the Earth". And he is gone

As The music builds RHYTHM takes man and whispers that many will be to blind to see the justification of what is happening or to deaf to hear the rhythm or to caught up to feel the pulse, when this happens RHYTHM tells him that he must not fret for these things must happen and in the same way as the music builds the beat will continue you may not always hear it but you will know it's there.

RHYTHM dances around the arena she dances so fast that she becomes a blur. She dances around man and he is encased in light. Justification joins her for one last routine. She finishes her dance and says to the Man
"You are Justified in all you do. Now go and Create History and Write all that you see, so that others may do the same. Rhythm gives man the most powerful weapon she knows
A pen and pronouces him "A POET"
A crash of cymbols brings the performance to an end.

Amazing peice LILi I hope I did it Justice.

Your amazing

Posted 10 Years Ago

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