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Irreplaceable Angels....

Irreplaceable Angels....

A Poem by Nely Amorim

My thoughts on the lost orphaned children of South Africa, where every 14 minutes a child loses his last parent or adult carer to Aids.Why is this atrocity allowed to continue seemingly unabated? We are losing too many of God's sweet gifts....


Hungry and alone, he wonders lost, down a dirt road

Barefeet and tattered shirt, his belly rumbles with hunger

A thousand questions in his mind, yet he is numb, tears spent.

Lonely and afraid, his eyes search the horizon

Hoping for something unknown, nameless.


His dispair is palpable, in his eyes hopelessness

A child of five, his brown skin cold, yet fevered

His liquid brown eyes, reflecting an aged soul

Too much pain and suffering in this little body


His parents, his brothers, his family lost to a wasting disease

He flees for his life and his sanity. Where to? He knows not.

Life's light flickers faintly in his eyes

Death hovers near, to bear him away.


He stumbles in his delirium and falls to his knees

Moaning in pain and heartbreaking loneliness

Death's gentle hands, takes his pain racked body

Embracing it with care. Taking him far from there.


Another nameless face, lost to us.

Another Bright Spark, taken too soon.

Another future snuffed before it begins

Did you notice? Did you care? Do you turn away in discomfort,

in your warm, loving home? Did I?


Cry in grief for the millions lost each year,

Irreplaceable Angels, Each hour desperation.

Cry for the pain they suffer, but more

For the pain of feeling unwanted & unloved.

The World's greatest crime.


A Soul departs, the body remains to be counted.

© 2008 Nely Amorim

Author's Note

Nely Amorim
This was never going to have a happy ending, because the truth is far from happy. Your thought's are welcome.

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Read this again, just now... and the thought that you should send it to Oprah Winfrey and let her know she's not the only one who thinks of and cares about the unfortunate children around the world. I was watching her show yesterday and one of her guests has been raising money, building schools and churches in 3rd World Locations for a few years now... he used to work for Microsoft and decided he would take his own money and do for others and has made himself happier and has changed his world and help make the world of others better for taking part. You're right about "no happy ending" but, once in a while, smiles are created against all odds.
Sallie Bear

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Very appropriate reading for this time. The style is quite good but indeed, a happy ending is (almost)not necessary.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This breaks my heart... how we do not care for our children. Thank you for putting this painful but all too real disaster into words.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Thank you so much for accepting my friend request. This was a very moving piece created with love and caring. Your thoughts and heart is on this page and you challenged us to care and turn away from. To introduce or re-introduce people to this problem every poet that sees this poem needs to forward it on others. I will and I understand that this is the first step. More steps are needed. Excellent write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

"Cry in grief for the millions lost each year,

Irreplaceable Angels, Each hour desperation.

Cry for the pain they suffer, but more

For the pain of feeling unwanted & unloved.

The World's greatest crime." _____________this is important piece of work, might there be many who are able to show the dark sides of this world. I liked how you implicit way make me think to keep my eye on this and for sure I know who has to be supported, this is, in the big picture I see, even back to the nature and live in kind of regulated capitalism, if this can be.

Hello there, Melanie, thanks for reading this chicken-crossing-road-piece, much appreciated, you also can have your opinion, I post it together with the piece, if you like. Be well.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Those little African children are indeed irreplaceable angels! Very beautifully written piece of poetry here. I loved it! Great theme. So many more should read this!

Thanks for entering in the Move Me contest!


Posted 9 Years Ago

this is heartbreaking to know that thing are different in other countrys. the pain is on the hands of the world. no hope but hope itself. your poem brings a tear to my soul.

Posted 9 Years Ago

ooooo- i love the ending line "A Soul departs, the body remains to be counted."

you've done an outstanding job outlining the injustice and showing just how ugly it is. Aids is tarring 3rd worlds apart and it makes me so greatful to be living in this country and sickens me that too many of us sit by and just ignore the suffering and death.

Posted 9 Years Ago

WOW! what powerful words and images that are presented here. I remember long ago, when AIDS was first heard of, and of the concerts that were done to "help the situation". But with current uncaring presidents who care more about revenge and their own agenda, Health care here and around the country will be on the back burner. The 1980's was a time of caring. that time seems to be gone. Maybe if people protested more about health care, the health crisis would not be so bad. A good movie to watch about this is, THE Constant Gardner with Liam Neesom and Rachel Weisz...
Thank you again for such moving worlds.

Posted 9 Years Ago

My goodness...this was an absolutely amazing, heartfelt and beautiful read. So much emotion and imagery put into this piece. Irreplaceable Angels is one of those poems that make you stop, think and appreciate even the smallest comforts we take for granted everyday. Wonderful job.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Nely Amorim

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