Innocence Torn

Innocence Torn

A Poem by Nely Amorim

just something that came to me in my semi-sleep state...


She lay dormant in her Mother's womb

Blissfuly unaware of Life's sweet pain

Not yet ready to fulfil her destiny

Awakening slowly to the Tears

Spilled gently upon her, her senses reel


A changing moment when all is revealed

Her purpose unclear, she begins

Warmth invades her safe haven

Theres a future in the distance

She pushes away from her slumber


Gasping in shock, soon she has settled

Putting down roots, she advances to knowledge

The sweet raytes of warmth embrace her

Reassuring and loving, she responds

Opening herself, like to a lovers caress


Her beauty and innocence heartbreaking

Perched precariously on the precipice of doom

She wavers uncertainly, hampered by the gloom

Then her lover returns, her reaction instantaneous

Her blooming breathtaking in it's simple form


She strains to reach with all that is in her

To grasp at the warmth he shares so willingly

Her desire and her love is given without reservation

Her innocence and naivety intact for the while

In radiant happiness she sways to his rythym


Such is the Flowers love of the Sun.......


With all her young beauty and wonderful grace

She strives ever harder to show her sweet face

Meeting her lovers warm and caring embrace

She see's not the waning of this place


Bewildered, she senses a change in the day

A chill has replaced the warmth she once felt

Unknowingly she curls deep into herself

Shivering and wilting she dies from the cold

The indifferent Sun care not what he's killed....


© 2008 Nely Amorim

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wow this piece really takes you up and down like story, i love the way it seems to progress over time and you see changes. great write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

WOW... my mind was picturing so much, as I read through this work. What an adventure you've taken me on!! Nature... you share what you see and feel so well, in your writing. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!! Again you've taken me on an adventure, creating a smile upon my face.
Sallie Bear

Posted 9 Years Ago

Such is the Flowers love of the Sun.......I feel this line, for the sunshine is so lonely without the dew's sweet kiss...

Very beautifully and poetically written. What a wonderful write, Mel, though full of longing and angst. Great job...*sighs*...

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is an excellent poem, though I feel for the sun. Unrequited love is terrible when the person feeling bereft doesn't let the other know of such a powerful love. The sun will never know of the potential love of his life that was lost. Flowers in bloom need to share there fragrance and beauty with the one the flower loves. Such love could be returned and the flower will bloom for all time! Love the poem :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is really something very gut wrenching and heartbreaking... I can sense a miscarriage in this writing but like the poem says at least it missed pain... right or wrong again your poem touched my emotions.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on September 10, 2008


Nely Amorim
Nely Amorim

Fremantle, West Australia, Australia

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