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A Poem by Nely Amorim

just something that came to me driving to work today



Glancing to the horizon on the coast drive

A noticed blending of the sky and surf 

No end to Ocean, no start to Sky 

One pale grey colour, as grey as a mood  


Brings thoughts to all the blurred edges of life 

Love and Hate, blurred from fear and longing 

Sometimes we teeter on the edge of this abyss 

Life only takes away that which  we'll miss 


Pleasure and Pain, a thin line divides 

where we sense a wonderful bliss 

Mere seconds from horror and distress 

Does the Pleasure we feel justify the Pain? 


Longing and Loss, we all have felt this before 

We long for what we don't know we have 

then we suffer the Loss, palpable and true 

Time and again, we reap what we sow


Courage and Defiance, some say complete opposites 

but tell this to the Defiant Mother,

Courageously defending her young

Blurred Edges of Life 


Blurred images from tears unbeknownst to me 

Falling on my cheeks from sadness unchecked 

Bewildering Sadness and Grief for an unknown Loss 

Hasty swipe of fingertips to cheeks,


Jagged sigh of acceptance and defeat 

More like the ghost ships shimmering in the fog 

On the blurred Horizon to my left

A vague outline of reality mixed with regret...

© 2008 Nely Amorim

Author's Note

Nely Amorim
the strange weather of heat, summer stormclouds and fog caused this moody reflection... let me know what u think ...

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Great poem, love the analogy of the blurred horizon to the extreme emotions of life.

Posted 5 Years Ago

I have been compelled, since coming to WC, to accept blank verse, for the sheer scope of
emotion it permits, unchecked by considerations of convention. Once I would not have; I
am growing. This is a deeply touching read. Your use of the language just takes my breath
away: "jagged sigh", "bewildering sadness', "ghost ships shimmering", and the one that really
let me know I was in for a treat, "grey as a mood"--not THE mood, not MY mood, just A mood,
leaving it open to all people, and all time. Wonderful!
PS: Have you read David Paget here on WC?

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is certainly one of the better things I have read in some time, a long time.

I could feel the plethora of emotions that this gave rise to before i even got them, like i could tell what was coming, also, it felt like i was there. You made the summer storm clouds and fog tangible.

It's very relevant too, all of it. Something i probably needed to hear at this moment... for several reasons.

"Courage and Defiance, some say complete opposites
but tell this to the Defiant Mother,
Courageously defending her young
Blurred Edges of Life "

^^^ Those lines had the most resonance with me.

P.S. - sorry it's been so long since i've given reviews.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I didn't have to think about this when I read it...the feelings popped out all over me in little prickles of understanding. Sending huge mental hugs to you, dear one.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Life certainly comes at you fast and is full of ups and downs... but without the bad we can't truly appreciate the good. You write is full of wonderful and compelling philosophies on life that we should all take to heart.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Great poem. Isn't it amazing how such do seem to blend together. A thin line between love and hate, hope and despair and an oceans horizons. An amazingly well put together poem, stormz. If I had half your skill at poetry I'd be able to weave magical upon a much smaller scale than the one you eave tantalizingly with such poetry. xxx

Posted 9 Years Ago

You present some interesting analogies here and the words are skillfully used, just as I've come to expect from you. Nice work, Melanie.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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7 Reviews
Added on December 15, 2008
Last Updated on December 15, 2008


Nely Amorim
Nely Amorim

Fremantle, West Australia, Australia

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