Head to your favorite travel destination,heavenly abode...

Head to your favorite travel destination,heavenly abode...

A Chapter by Suchita

what is it about nature thats so beautiful n enticing? read on...


Today, even amidst our busy schedules ranting and panting, our travel-enamoured selves can take us nearly anywhere in the world, whereby, all we need is a chance to embark upon the much-needed change and loads of goodness!

For some others still, the list of places to visit on this planet for this or that reason can seem almost limitless, given their limited time and energies, or it may be a heroic feat/task, given their undaunting, relentless, very eager and enthusiastic selves.

But what about those mountains, forests, lakes, beaches, cities, these tourist spots that comprise world-famous sites, what are they so well- known for anyways?

 I’d say, not just a baffling mystery, but also a  wonderful source and sense of calm, cool, cheer, jubilation, happiness, excitement.

Mountains stand big and strong yet peaceful, tranquil, serene and quiet, what with their restful, soothing, hushed-up selves, as all of nature’s other bounties, making noise only once-in-a-while. They are full of clear and pleasant air bearing the coolness of skies, oxygen from a lushful of trees, paving the way for a cleansing, replenishing, rejuvenation- of body, mind, soul, spirit! 

Their charming ensemble, mystique delights one with feelings of boldness, adventure, ecstasy, everything beating to the rhythm of a good life! Actually, it’s the mirror the mountain is-bold and steady, strong, so calling for the adventurer in us to explore uncharted territory.

Away from a maddening city life of dirt and pollution( of all kinds), they promote utmost relaxation, cessation of stress, welcome of all things nice n hearty(the stuff of mountains!). That they are like sleeping giants who don’t disturb you makes you feel the best you can feel, as you can never have such an atmosphere around anywhere else.

In such a scenic, unperturbed scenario, a cosy cottage or house gives way to fearlessness, gregariousness, comfort and goodwill, enigma and all things mentioned above! Food can tease the tastebuds to a new life/day and a delectable meal amidst pleasurable mountain environs.

Lakes’ spread of cold( or warm), bracing, fresh, placid waters around is- mystifying, enervating, endearing, enchanting, pacifying. The moving boat captures enlightening moments of “swimming,” traversing through a large body of water, a thrill to be a part of nature. The surroundings come resonating with nature’s awe and twist, glamour and galore, natural beauty.

Cities come embracing with hues and shades of frolicsome romance. The shopping lanes entice one with screaming buy-me products, packed and arranged with the goodness of man’s creativity and craft. Landmarks, tourist sites and “visitor’s specials” imbue one with gladness of things alighted around, should or do instill one with the greatness of the place. For the latter, one ought to study and learn of the remarkable skill of this place’s history that designed such astonishing marvels; the language, culture, art and literature of it; all of it -majestic and magnanimous, superb, elevating, ameliorating. Notice the unique physical structures of architectural pride and supreme resplendence. The lanes and bylanes, structures standing brief one about the place and move, touch, inspire, motivate us to keep ogling at/admiring the images before us, unceasingly wondering about/constantly dwelling on them.

 Beaches have power in the waters and walking on the sands with the sea besides also fills our hearts gleefully. The unique and awesome texture of the grainless grains and their warmth feels sensational travelling through our feet to our brain. The waxing and waning of waves washes away our dirt, inhibitions, closedness, both physical and spiritual and the coolness and clarity by which such is done makes the muse in us sing silent songs of heavenly experience. And then immersing in the sea, fully, excites like theatre/cinema, of God’s creation, filling one with purpose and maturity and most of all, unending enjoyment. Lying in the sun spells tenderness and tranquilizes, rocks test one’s climbing and daring prowess bringing rewards of satisfaction, building castles is fun while eating and drinking shacks make for an exhilirating lull in time.

Forests are no behind these lands of magnificence. They go on to mark the delicacy and adventuresomeness of spirit, which fires a vivid imagination through magic of trees and breeze to think of things inconceivably pretty and exquisite; splendour, grandeur n decorativeness and gorgeousness of such and such is impressive to empty minds and you can feel what might come next. Stories of sages have energy in them that dispels to by now young hearts and souls; past, present, future come alive cleansed and beautified; also body and person awakens to the charisma, healing its insides and outsides, ringing bells of things that amuse, unwind, compose and gratify. 

© 2017 Suchita

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Added on August 20, 2017
Last Updated on August 20, 2017



Gurgaon, NCR, India

Its the way we think that makes us a poet, writer, in the first place. The way we express our thoughts, feelings, observations completes the process. I have the inner qualities but I need better exp.. more..


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