Parents and their Children

Parents and their Children

A Story by I'm Not Into Labels

Gail's mother just died and she finds out her father isn't really her father so she goes out trying to find her real father. She finds him in this scene and finds him less than pleasing.


“Are you Michael Eddas?” she asked; trying to make her voice not shake.

     At first he didn’t say anything, looking at her with his mouth gapped open in confusion; dressed in hid dark blue bathrobe, a faded ACDC World Tour T-shirt from 1987, striped boxers and off white socks pulled up on his shins. He raised his pic to her, pointing at her in his confusion, his fingers trembling on the neck of his guitar. He simply stood there, locked in his confusion with her standing there impatiently. She scrapped her tattered keds against the stained carpet, sighing in boredom.

     “You look familiar,” he said, attempting to be flirtation and succeeding in only tripping over the cord of his guitar, causing the room to bounce with feedback.

     “Alice Louis?” she cringed over the sharp shrill. “Do you know her?”

     His eyes became soft, but his confusion still remained. It seemed like saying her name was a stab at his heart. He tried to keep his cool, as his still trembling fingers set the guitar down in its stand.

     “I knew an Alice Louis once,” he said hoarsely, licking his lips nervously. “What about her?”

     “She died,” she said, biting her lip and shoving her hands into her red coat pockets. “Last week…”

     “How?” His voice broke, his teeth digging farther in his lip. “How did she die?”

     “She was sick,” Gail sniffled. “For a long time…and I guess it finally got to her…”

     He inhaled as if he had been slapped across the face, and then exhaled shakily.

     “So who are you?” he asked.

     “My name is Gail Louis,” she said. “Well Gail Forrester…I guess.”

     “Are you her sister?” he asked. “Or…something?”

     She shook her head, sniffling, her eyes tearing up. “I’m her daughter.”

     “Oh,” he said a little surprised. He stepped over the guitar cord and tripped over the extension cord for the amp. He gave her a weak smile, burping slightly under his breath. “I didn’t know she had a kid.”

     “Are you Michael Eddas?” she asked again, cutting him off.

     He swallowed hard once again. “I am.”

     “Were you once with my mother?”

     “I was…” he gulped. “…A long time ago.”

     “Did you have sex with her 16 years ago?”

     He began laughing, but when he saw that she wasn’t, he stopped. “Yes I did.”

     She sighed sharply, looking like she was about cry. She looked away, nibbling her lip. Michael looked at her with eyes narrowed in concern.

     “Are you okay?” he asked. She sniffled loudly. “Do you need some water?” She whimpered. “A sip of beer, I won’t tell if you won’t.”

     “If you had sex with my mother 16 years ago and you really are Michael Eddas then I’m…” She sniffled and shook her head.

     “You’re what?” he asked.

     “Then I’m your daughter!” she exclaimed.

     Michael’s eyes became so wide that she swore that they would probably pop out of his sockets. He began laughing as if she were really joking. But when she wasn’t laughing, he stopped abruptly.

     “Oh s**t,” he sighed.

© 2010 I'm Not Into Labels

Author's Note

I'm Not Into Labels
I don't really know what to do with this, so read it and tell me if you like it and if I should continue it. And if I should, what are suggestions that you guys would make?

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