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A Story by Surya

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It’s been long days I have been out from here. A foolish act I know. And can’t thank enough for this organization. It made me who am today. Now let me make it short and simple with my gratitude to everyone of you who supported me and called me in at various times.

Okay, now,


I was no writer a year back neither I was aspiring to be a poet but things changed soon. Life had something for me which I didn’t expect. Somehow I had to accept the fact, and I did.

I know am no great a person neither I wanted to be one but who knows tomorrow. I, same as you, didn’t expected that I will write a book and that gets published. Funny, but that happened.

I was a student who used to enjoy life travelling, making memories and what not everything that comes in the bag and strangely no one opposed me from doing so. That’s how everything was till 2017.

As 2017 started I had an intense breakup with someone who I loved most. I couldn’t take that. As every person do, I kept drunk all the time to fade away from memories that haunted me to go away from my life. But no that hadn’t happened, I was a victim of my own heart and I was a victim for something great called LOVE, even now I am.

But that doesn’t stopped yet. A month passed the same way, where I was escaping from the reality and collecting broken pieces of my heart to heal them. As you guessed that didn’t happened. But for an unknown reason, I thought, I received a call from my dad’s secretary. I was numb at my screen which flashed his name. I have no guts to pick the call and speak to him or my dad, not even to my mom. But I did picked it up then I don’t that call will change my life in a way no one expects. But it did. He said my dad is no more and I should fly home as soon as possible.

Wait a second! What the hell he just said, my dad is no more. Are you kidding me? Yep that was my condition, no less than a hell. My broken heart was crushed into very minure pieces. That’s something I couldn’t take.

For days I was nothing, I can’t sense anything not even breathe. Everything was just like come and go. Worst of worst had happened to me in a month. Which was so much to take in for which I was unable to and even today I can’t, I am just alive now, nothing more.

I can’t stay in my home which once filled with pleasures, smiles and then consumed with darkness. I informed my mom that I am leaving to university so that atleast I may find some relief. She accepted for that, and am lot blessed to have her as my mother, Thank you mom. I packed my things and flew back.

Strangely black days didn’t stopped yet. As I stepped in my university, hours later, Head of my school called me and said,  ‘Son, you are detained, Am sorry.’ What the hell he just said. What the hell is happening to me and why me? These were the only questions which kept rambling in my head.

Am I drop out then.

In days I wrote many poems, short stories I even tried to write in a language which I am not perfect in. But I did succeeded in doing so, my efforts made me learn much in few days.

But that didn’t made my happy enough to smile again. There is something I have to do for me, just to smile. But I couldn’t.

Many unslept nights, many nights where I kept sobbing for reasons unknown. I wanted to fly away from my country to escape from everything. That didn’t happened.

Days passed on, I kept writing. I kept writing poems which I hated to write, back once. I wanted to be a writer but not poet. But life had something else for me which I couldn’t see then. No one could connect the dots looking forward they could only be connected looking backward. Same happened with me.

One fine evening sunset inspired me that even endings are beautiful and I wanted to m end my story in a great way. I wanted to do something for my dad. In my whole life, till now, of nineteen years he gave e everything and I decided that it’s now the time to do something for my dad everything of my own. Not even a penny asked from my mom.

I wanted to invent an illusion projector ad name it after my dad. But somehow it got delayed and I know cannot finish it by 10 of October, my dad’s birthday and mine too, the same day.

Then again I searched for things to do next. I always wanted to write a novel and I decided to write one, LOGAN’S GAME a detective novel and I stared my novel. My first full length novel ever. And the same thing happened again I realized I couldn’t finish my novel till 10 of October.

What else should I do, I kept searching. Kept running from reality to somewhere I get peace. Mean while I realized there are poems with me why can’t I try giving it a shot. Why can’t I try publishing poems. That night I called my friends and I said them, ‘Buddy, I want to publish a book of poems and I need your help.’ Fortunately without a delay they accepted. And we started working on it.

I wanted to publish this book before September 25 of 2017 and We worked hard, sleepless nights again with starving stomachs. But yes, we did published it before the date we expected, 10 of September.

The day I smiled back again. I was able to give something to my dad. I cried whole night but this time with happiness.

In the mean time I am done with novel too, my dream, LOGAN’S GAME had finished with FIRST DRAFT. I am smiling now.

At last I could only say Thanks to all you guys, a lot from bottom of my heart. And thanks to my friends who stood by me at darkest of my days.

Miss you Dad and Miss you Love.

© 2017 Surya

Author's Note

Book is availble by title, 'Words Of A Heart' written under a pen name 'S.S. Jodan.'

Links to my book, Hope you will have one.

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Congrats for making this long journey & then sharing it with us! I've been missing you on this website & I'm glad you read-requested me on this, so I can know what you've been up to. It's really an inspiration to many writers who want to be published, I'm sure. That's the best part of this website, is the mutual inspirations going in many different directions. I hope you will be spending more time here & also I'm sorry for the loss of your father . . . precious gift to his memory (((HUGS))) fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Months Ago

I'm glad you are publishing your book. I wish you great success my friend. Nothing as wonderful as to be able to hold your book in your hands.

Posted 3 Months Ago

well my friend i am proud of you,and i am sorry for your losses

Posted 3 Months Ago

Firstly, Congratulations. I know how difficult it might have been for you. I am extremely happy to know that your book got published.
Don't feel disheartened that you didn't finish writing till the day 10 Oct. You know what that day comes every year. Your and your dad's bday on a same day, that's really amazing. I am glad that you have published your book and trust me your father is proud of you.
In paragraph starting with the words 'wait a minute' the last line it should be minute.

Posted 3 Months Ago

"Words Of A Heart" is truly written through a heart.....
so intense and heart touching they wonderfully penned them....being so young, you write so brilliantly...
Congratulations Jodan, for gorgeous work.

Posted 3 Months Ago

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Hyderabad, India

A pen, A paper can do wonders.....I hope. more..

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