A Poem by Tiffany K. Charles

I reached out and touch the sun. It burned my soul a thousand times and more. I needed to sooth my desire for lust and was stung by cupids arrow. It shot me down and I fell into the ocean of ecstasy. I drowned in your pool of passion and hunger. You pulled me out of the ocean and breathed life into my heart.

I looked up and was blinded by the ray of your smile. It tooked my fear and wants and gave me nothing like before. With steady beats of my heart and a glup of infatuation I swallowed. Gasping for more and craving everything, I long to have you next to me. To love me touch me caress me and exhaust me into a sleepless slumber. And with just one blow with and a soft kiss to start.

I walked through the firey halls of Mt. Kilaminjaro and was burned by your kiss. I was blind sided by your strong hold and did not know what was instore. I found there was a garden blooming where my love was hallow. I didnt want to believe that whatever it was, that it has to be. I wanted to except you as my one and only lover. And to let your valley divided my boulders apart.

I reached out and touched a star and was struck by your lighting. You knocked it down and blew up my door. And proved to be more than anthing but shallow. You set my whole existence with glee. And I always want you around to stay and hover. Until we both combined and exploded into a gamma-ray of new beginnings that unfold into a cluster of internal love that will never finish and will always start.

© 2017 Tiffany K. Charles

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Added on March 7, 2017
Last Updated on March 7, 2017


Tiffany K. Charles
Tiffany K. Charles

Hollywood, FL

"Deep within my mind...... far beyond the dark cracks and spaces .... is my mind palace.... a creepy place...... damp and wet..... and..... there. In that palace.... Is where I house all my mental inf.. more..