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Three countries Paramparagat, Madhyam and Adunika were forced to merge their lands.

Over the course of one night they became a single province because of a natural catalyst.

This enormous change caused great tensions among the three different Kings. Without any surprise, they declared war against each other.
The Aduniks were pure barbarians.  They did not even hesitate from destroying the holy places.

They wanted to impose their own religion. And they infiltrated various states of Madhyam and Paramparagat.

If their victims tried to fight back, they used torture to silence them.

The Madhyam, were originally, people with pacific natures. Most of the time they tried to avoid the use of weapons.

However, their intentions change when it comes to their personal interests.
They did not back away from committing atrocious acts.

Nevertheless, the real danger rested in the Paramparagat clan.

A highly advanced nation. Affiliated with strong martial artists. They were deeply religious and possessed the best archery.

For the first two hundred years,  the war brewed mercilessly against the Royal tycoons. Each of them wanted to gain victory and rule as the supreme ruler.
The years passed and new generations started to emerge, it also brought a wave of new thinking.
The Madhyam realized that the Adunika had excellent food resources. They also noticed the Adunik's brutes strength was their biggest advantage and this could help them to win battles.

On the other hand, the Adunika roamed around with animal skin. They always envied the style of clothing and the building structures of the Madhyam.

It took time but small open business trade occurred  between them.
Slowly ,as the decades went by, they  formed a good  friendship. It grew stronger till the Royal heirs decided to become allies.

Together they managed to repel numerous Paramparagat's soldiers. They caused strong damage to the troupes.

Under the Madhyam's wing the Adunika became educated. They even began to act civilised. Their joined force was a big success and they slowly advanced to their victory.
However the Paramgaragik did not say their last words. They possessed a secret tactic under their sleeves.

They were gifted people with spiritual powers. They had direct communication with the Gods from above.

To defeat their enemies, they used strong prayers.

Thus they gained supernatural abilities.Their protectors  were pleased with their penances. They even send several mystical creatures to aid them.

It became an almost easy task to crush the Madhyamik and Adunik armies. Within a few months the Paramgaragik gained the upper hand.
The two allies realized they were cornered. In a last attempt to save themselves they decided to make peace with their common enemy.

However, the Paramgaratik became too prideful. They did not want to lose the opportunity of ruling over such a vast land.

Their greed blinded their conscience and they bluntly refused.
This could have been the end of the dark age but one person changed everything.

A Paramgaratik Princess agreed to consider the proposal.

She was a noble soul and was tired to see innocent lives perish under baths of blood.

The night before the last battle she requested a council of war. She asked her father if they could accept the treaty of peace.
The King just stared at her with irritated eyes and let out a scowl. He knew his daughter's nature and he had hopes that she would not interfere in his decisions.
Even if she was an extremely powerful fighter, nobody in the room was willing to take her seriously.
They deemed her and mocked her for being weak and for defending the enemies.
She did her best to remained calm and continued to speak. "Father! Did you forget the ancient texts of our holy books? A Paramgaratik's duty is to protect every life which God has created! Our opponents have repent and want to end our war. We should do the same and extend a hand of friendship towards them.
Her words caused a great uphold.
One of her brothers shouted, "Are you really listening to yourself right now? We can not take such moves. We are too close to our victory! Why are you taking their sides?"
"I am not just  thinking about them. I am thinking about our own people as well. We are staking them as pawns and they lose our lives to protect our Royal blood.
He argued back like a small child. "Since we were granted the special power of God, we hardly suffer from any loss!"
"Yes, you have a point but we can't ignore that some of them are sustaining grave injuries. They are losing their eyes, their hands and their legs. Do you want this to continue?"
"That's enough Shona!" The King finally spoke. "I understand you are trying to make us see a different perspective. But  I won't  listen to you. I will have to ignore the countless sacrifices which my people and my ancestors made during the past millennium."

"That's right!"  Her brother chipped in and he nodded with a smug face. "It's a thousand years old war. It won't end that easily."
She still refused to back down. "Father, history taught us that it is not always necessary to step on corpses to achieve victory. We can create greater accomplishments through peace."
The King shook his head and did not even bother to hide his displeased face."The discussion is closed! He stood up from his throne and stepped down the stairs and walked past his daughter. His entourage and the rest of his children followed him.
He only stopped when he reached the exit. The King looked over his shoulder and declared. "I will understand if you  don't want to join the battlefield tomorrow morning. It will be better if you start  preparing for our victory celebrations before we return the following night."

"Don't despair, my daughter we are going to become the most powerful nation that this world have ever seen."

Then without any words, he stepped outside the room.
The Princess stumbled on the ground but she was not defeated. She wiped her tears. "Desperate situations require desperate measures."
Finally the last day of the battle arrived.

The Adunika and the Madhyam had only a handful soldiers under their command . Still the two Kings stood sides by sides and tried  to face death with a brave front."
Each opponent blew their horns and the deadly game was about to begin.

However a small instant later, they heard horse steps coming from a different direction.

It was the good-hearted Princess and she stood right in the center of the battlefield.
She turned towards her family with wrathful eyes. "You, people are scarifying innocent lives in order to accomplish your selfish gain. I came to stop you!" She stopped talking and took a loud breath. From this day, I curse you! You, Paramparatiks will never enjoy the prosperity of your throne. The royal heir will always die young!

Everyone fell silent and was unable to register what was happening.
With this, she raised her hand up and looked towards the sky. She invoked a strike of lightning which hit her directly in her heart.

The Paramparatik Sovereign leapt down from his chariot. He ran unprotected towards his kin.

Seeing as this as a perfect opportunity , the Adunika's King lifted his bow.

But the Madhyam's Ruler intervened and broke the arrow with his sword.

His friend showed a little resistance but ultimately the sacrifice of the Princess touched him. He let go of his vengeance.

Meanwhile, the pride of the Paramparagat King disappeared. He was reduced to the state of a helpless father.
He gently lifted her head and placed it on his lap. Cradling her forehead he let out a single tear.

His sons and daughters followed him. They circled the youngest members of their family.
She was taking her last breath.
"Take your words back, Shona. Take them back! We won't be able to live with such a heavy burden. I promise you. I will listen to your every demand. Just undo your curse."
She coughed and a big clot of blood came out.
"It's too late now, but this was necessary to teach you a lesson.
"No!" He sobbed.
"It might take another millennium but the curse will only be lifted when I will come back to life. However it won't be easy to bring my soul back, you will have to do a lot of penances.
She touched his chin. "Father?"
"Yes, Shona?"
"I want you to build a temple for me where one hundred priests will recite this mantra." She brought her mouth close to his ear and said the secret prayer.
She laid on his knees looked towards the sky again. "It's the only way to bring me back on earth. When I will be reborn again , I will then free you from this misery."
Her soul left her body and she died with open eyes. The King hugged his child  and let out loud screams which were filled with pain.

Eventually the Paramparatik renounced engaging in the last battle. They decided to make peace with the Adunik and Paramparatik.
The day after he cremated his daughter, the King started the construction of the temple. The exact location was kept a secret.

To protect their country's best interests, the Kings also formed a secret organization.

Police Royal Secret Corporation. P.R.S.C

Its main purpose is to thaw the rebels and protect the Royal Heirs. The members also had to eliminate the most dangerous criminals of their countries.

This story will follow the lives of those agents as they solve difficult  mysteries.

 All while risking their own lives to safeguard Paramparagat, Madhyam and Adunika.

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