Inconveniences of Dreams

Inconveniences of Dreams

A Story by Tonya

There is a twist in the story and there is a guy being dissected.


Inconveniences of Dreams

I woke up from what felt like days of sleep. My well-rested body feels heavy and relaxed. I open my eyes ready to start my day when I realize I’m not in my bedroom. In lieu of my comfortable bed, I’m lying on a cold, metal table. Instead of cozy pajamas, I only have a small towel covering my lower half. I instinctively try to get up, but my body won’t move. I try to lift my arms, but they won’t move. I try to move my fingers and my toes, but nothing is working. The only parts of my body I appear to be able to move are my eyes and my mouth. I look around the room, the walls are silver in color with large tubes filled with a blue gel pressed against them. Small pipes connect the tubes to the floor and ceiling, and each tube is perfectly spaced from one another. On each tube is a language foreign to Earth but looks closest to Russian written in white lettering. At my feet is a large door with the same foreign language written on it. The room reeks of human blood; I can’t visibly see any, but it smells like it’s all around me. I cry out for help. I shout for my wife, my mother, anyone that came to mind.

   Suddenly, the door swings open. I feel a large gust of ice cold wind brush over me. My entire body covers with goosebumps. In comes a woman wearing a short white dress with long sleeves. She drags around a large metal cart on wheels behind her. “Good morning!” she says cheerfully.

   “Who are you?” I ask.

   “Do you not recognize me?” she says. I can barely see her face.

   She steps closer to me. The sound of her heels hitting the metal floor amalgamate with the squeaking wheels on the cart fill the room as she comes to my left side. She lingers over me.

   “How about now?” she says playfully.

   She looks whimsical like Abigail, my wife, but she looks different. Her eyes are lighter, her skin is paler, her hair is messier, her eyes are sunken in, and her makeup is poorly caked on her face. “Abby,” I said concernedly.

   Her lips stretch into a smile.”Yay!” she says. She puts her chest on mine and hugs me.

I lie there stiff as a board. I say to her, “I’m glad you’re happy, but do you know where we are?”

She jumps back up to standing, and says “Oh, I know! We are in a spaceship going to outer space.” Her tone has a childlike excitement to it.

“What the hell are you saying?”

“That’s what you told me,” she says disappointedly.

Almost like static from a television, her face changes to something inhuman for a split second. Her eyes became black masses, her teeth became razor sharp, and her skin turned completely white.

I was paralyzed with fear. “What are you?” I ask.

“I’m Abby, sweetheart, but I need you.”

“What do you mean ‘you need me?’”

“For science,” she says.

She reaches into the cart and picks up a tiny blade.  She reaches for my left hand and removes my wedding ring. Using the blade, cutting a thin layer of skin. My hand, agonizing in pain as she lifts the skin that she removed and smiled evilly.

Just when I thought she was done, another knife is seized. She presses the knife against my breastbone. The blade cuts through several layers of skin. I could barely breathe from the pain. I cried out hoping someone or something would stop this. I felt blood pooling up on my chest, and run towards my neck. She is gradually moving the blade down my chest to my belly button. My body is already beginning to numb my pain for me.

She, then,  the blade, and cut horizontally along my belly button like she’s dissecting a frog. Blood drips down my belly onto the metal table. She goes back to the cart and picks an up white rag. She wipes along the edges of my incisions making them sting even more. I began feeling light headed. I know I could faint at any moment. “Please stop,” I whispered.

“I can’t. You are making me,” she said.

I am looking for the great escape of death, but Death won’t come. Though I feel barely alive, I am still living. I pray for Death to come and take me from this misery.

She grabs my skin from the corner of my belly button, and using the blade, she cuts back my skin. She folds my skin over my arms. Again, she clears up the blood using the now bright red rag.

She then cuts along the center of my abdominal muscles. My intestines poke through the incision. Once she completes cutting the line in my abs, she violently rips back the muscle using only her fingers exposing my internal organs to the open air. The sound of the muscles tearing sounds just like ripping off a leg on a cooked turkey.

She grabs my large intestines and pulls them out of my body. Using the blade, she cuts through the large intestines. She violently rips a portion of my intestines out of my body. She holds them close to her face, examining them closely. “This looks really weird,” she says. “It’s like a snake, isn't that fitting?”

I don’t possess the strength to acknowledge her word. She notices my lack of awareness and smacks me across the face. “I need you to stay awake,” she begs. “No more sleeping on me!”

She sets the intestines back into my body gently. As she is about to reach for something else inside me, I feel my vision begin to fade.

“No!” I hear her scream. “Stay with me!”

Finally, my prayers for death are finally being answered. My eyes shut as death washes over me.

I jump back to consciousness. I immediately sit up as I gasp for air. I hold my breath as I look around, and see that I am back in my bedroom. My body is still shaking. The boring beige walls are still here. I have my dark blue pajamas back on, and Abby is still sleeping next to me looking more beautiful than ever. I sigh when I realize I’m safe. I look at her for a few moments. I am still processing the dream I just had.

Suddenly her eyes begin to open. She looks up at me in a daze and jumps. “What’re you doing?” she exclaims.

“I’m sorry. I just had a bad dream. I just woke up to, and-”

She cuts me off, and says, “just lay back down.”

I lie back on my soft pillow. She wraps her arm around my torso. She snuggles closer to me. “You’re okay,” she whispers into my ear.

“I know,” I say.

I take a deep breathe in, and exhale releasing my fear and anxiety. I glance back at Abby. She is falling asleep quickly. I close my eyes and try to fall back asleep. When I close my eyes all I can see is my open torso sitting on a cold table and the vicious look on Abby's face. I still feel the adrenaline running through my body, as I turn my head to the digital clock; It reads “3:26 AM.” I keep staring at that clock hoping this is just a nightmare and not reality.

I must have dozed off, again, I woke up with blurry vision and saw a faint red letter inscribed on the wall. The letter S…with the stench of blood.  I shouldn't have been a snake.

© 2018 Tonya

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I am feeling better then ever. more..

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