How John Got His Teddy

How John Got His Teddy

A Story by Alex Falkner

How John got his teddy.

Beau is a sad teddy, He lives with a mean boy named Jack.

He gets kicked around, thrown in the closet and pushed under the bed.

He doesn’t get cuddles like all the teddies in the toy store said he would.

They said he would go home with a nice little boy or girl to cuddle in bed with all cosy and warm.

But he’s been stuffed in the toy box with all the old and broken toys that Jack doesn’t play with any more.

After being in the toy box for a very long time, cold and lonely, Jack’s mother takes the toy box out to the garage.

She throws all the broken toys in the rubbish and puts all the good ones on a table with all sorts of things that Beau has never seen before.

Beau watches from the bottom of the toy box, wondering what is happening.

Then Jack’s mother gently lifts Beau out of the toy box.

‘‘Hello Beau’’ She says sweetly then gives him a hug.

‘‘I hope some nice girl or boy takes you home tomorrow’’ She says as she puts him on the table with the other toys then walks away and turns off the light.

Beau sits there awake all night, wondering what is going to happen tomorrow.

In the morning, Jacks mother opens the door and sits there waiting.

Some time passes, then all kinds of people start walking in and looking around.

Some people give Jacks mother a few things and take things away with them when they leave, and others just look around then walk back out.

Suddenly Beau realizes what Jacks mother meant.

She hopes someone will take him.

And Beau hopes so too, because he doesn’t want to be put back in that toy box again.

It starts to get late, and Beau starts to think that maybe he’s broken too, because no one has taken him home.

Then something strange happens.

‘‘Oh, he’s cute’’ A big man with a big voice says then picks him up.

‘‘What’s his name?’’ The big man asks and looks at Jack.

‘‘Don’t got one, it’s just a stupid bear’’ Jack says making beau very sad.

‘‘I’ll take him’’ the man says to Jacks mother and gives her a few things.

Beau is happy to be away from Jack, but he was hoping to be taken home by a little boy or girl that would give him cuddles in bed at night all cosy and warm.

But at least he’s safe from that mean boy Jack.

When the big man gets home, he takes beau inside, cleans the dust off his fur then puts him on a big bed with a few other teddies who all seem happy to see him.

They all tell him their stories about how they got here, all of them the same.

They got taken home from the toy store, loved and hugged for a few years then taken home by the big man when their kids grew up.

They don’t get hugs any more but they are looked after and they don’t get kicked under the bed or chewed on or covered in muck so they’re all happy.

The next day, early in the morning, there’s a quiet grizzle from the room that wakes Beau from his sleep.

The small woman gets up and takes something from the cot then lays it on the bed.

‘‘That’s John’’ The other teddies tell him.

‘‘That’s our kid’’ They say.

‘‘He doesn’t play with us yet’’

Beau watches as the baby kicks and giggles, wondering if he will turn out like Jack.

John’s mother puts the boy on the floor on his belly then starts putting all the teddies down in front of him.

Beau is put on the floor last, off to one side.

Baby John looks at the teddies and starts babbling and squealing happily.

Beau can’t understand what he’s saying, but at least he can see that John is happy to see them.

Then John looks right at Beau without smiling or talking and Beau stares back, wondering why John isn’t talking to him.

This makes Beau think he must be broken, making him feel very sad.

After a while, John smiles then grabs him by the foot and babbles quietly.

‘‘That bear looks sad doesn’t he John’’ The mother says then rolls the baby onto his back.

‘‘You give him cuddles to make him feel better’’ She says then puts Beau on John’s chest.

John cuddles and talks to him, giggles and chews on his ear, but Beau doesn’t mind being chewed on, he knows John will grow out of it.

As long as he gets hugs and cuddles he’s happy.

A few months have passed, John has grown but is always happy to see him.

John’s mother and the big man have named him ‘John’s favorite teddy’

And Beau has never been happier.

© 2017 Alex Falkner

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Awww, now that is sweet, Tammi. I know that John and Beau will be happy playmates for years to come...and, maybe, one day, there will be another little one for Beau to play with.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful little story with us...
And, hey...give little John and his best bud Beau a big Angel-hug for me!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Alex Falkner

5 Years Ago

I'm glad you liked it, it's far different to what I usually write, it's one I'm really proud.. read more

5 Years Ago

Well, Bennie and Frankie get a big ol' Angel-hug too...and don't forget one for Momma!!
That's really cool!! I love the way it's told from the teddy's perspective, too. The story started out sad, but it ended on a sweet note. Inanimate speaking objects..a close second. I enjoyed this. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

Alex Falkner

5 Years Ago

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it, I've been trying to find someone to publish it for a while.
.. read more
Anna L

5 Years Ago

That's awesome. And I applaud you for trying to get published. I hope you do. I'm not quite there ye.. read more

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Alex Falkner
Alex Falkner

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I have always been a very solitary person, I am 31 years old, and have suffered with depression for about 25. (if you think it doesn't add up, read slices of life) I have also suffered with agorap.. more..

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