In Her Shadow

In Her Shadow

A Story by Serenity

When I first met her, I thought that we would be best friends, that I had found somebody who was just as weird as I was. I thought that we would both shine just as bright as the other, I never thought that one day one of us would out shine the other. I always tried to be independent but she was always there, and always better than me. Even in my own relationships she somehow managed to make me second fiddle. After me and my first boyfriend broke up he claimed that he should have just dated her instead of me. I always came out second place. I didn't mind so much, it was okay. I was perfectly fine with that until I fell for you. I liked you for a while, your green eyes, the way you always smirk, your smile and laugh, I fell for you so hard, I'm still somewhat shattered. You were, are, everything that I ever wanted but of course even with you, I was only Her shadow, nothing more. I live in her shadow, stuck and terrified that no one will see me as long as she is around. I love being her friend and having her as a part of my life, but I'm scared that I may never break free of this darkness. I fear that I may always be left in her shadow. I dream that maybe one day, I'll light a fire of my own and burn a path out of the darkness. When that day comes people will actually see me, no longer as Her shadow but as her Equal. And then maybe someday I'll find someone who will see me and love me like I love them, and who won't ever even look in her direction, because I am the only one they've ever wanted.

© 2014 Serenity

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Added on December 6, 2014
Last Updated on December 6, 2014




Hey im lively yet dark, i can write happy but i usually write sad and morbidly depressing. I Love to read and write, especially poetry. I Love Dark And Tragic Stories. I Am A Hopless Romanic. and Musi.. more..