New Years Eve

New Years Eve

A Story by Serenity

I sat there on the bar stool at my friends house, watching the clock on the television slide so easily from one number to the next. Counting down the time remaining until the New Year began. Funny how New York had celebrated the end of their year and the beginning of another already. The New Years party that my friend had hosted was now centered in the living room. Everybody flooded in from the back patio and stood laughing and listening to the announcer on the television set. The couples around me grew closer to one another eager to give their lover the New Years Kiss. With my drink in hand I swirled the Sparkling Apple Cider in my glass as I listened to the people around me shouting the end of the countdown "5...4...3...2......1 Happy New Year!" The couples kissed and I thought of how that kiss would be their first kiss of the New Year and of how now that person was the last person they had kissed. My mind wandered to the last time I had kissed somebody, to the last person I had kissed. My mind wandered to you. My mind wandered to that cold night, to me leaning up against a car babbling like an idiot, to you pacing back and forth. It wandered to watching you suddenly stop as if you had finally decided on something and then just grabbing me and kissing me right there. I remember it all. I remember the way you held me against the car, I remember our shadow in headlights of the car, I remember how you ran your fingers through my hair. Thoughts began to tumble around in my head and I had to shake my head to clear the memory away, like an etch a sketch. I downed the rest of my drink, wishing that it was something other than Sparkling Cider something that would make me forget about that night, something that would make me forget that that night had even happened. So that maybe, just maybe I could actually sleep at night. 

© 2015 Serenity

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Added on January 5, 2015
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Hey im lively yet dark, i can write happy but i usually write sad and morbidly depressing. I Love to read and write, especially poetry. I Love Dark And Tragic Stories. I Am A Hopless Romanic. and Musi.. more..