Haven't Time for Pity

Haven't Time for Pity

A Story by Tapher

inspiration comes as swift as judgement

Today was that kind of day where you looked back and said "I've come this far, it was difficult, but i know my love grows every day." The type of dialogue that says "I love him, even though it isn't perfect, it's good enough for me." I wonder, would others find this a sweet phrase? one to emit love and acceptance? or be like me and understand that she has overlooked something. I care not for that love, for what you both say to each other. what of those you have neglected? what of the one, who was spawned from your "love" hmm? where has his life gone? how far you've gotten indeed. nothing but painful memories and the destruction of life and true happiness. i can see through that facade you play. I know the abuse you put her through. just to appease the man she must call her father, who is always at his moms house getting high (loser), you make her accept your reality, you are the reason for her torment. I try to accept it, i tried to fit in and put it all aside to have one of those rare mother in laws you actually like, but now I know it's impossible. She is your daughter and what have you done for her? you owe your life to her and yet I see not a smidgen of appreciation. it seems a few years in the slammer wasn't enough for you to realize that the only one to take care of you is the one who you have neglected the most, is it because you missed your fix? your son, now a stoned out loser, who is no longer in school, and has already gotten a girl pregnant, seems to be the one who is allowed to do the things he wishes, why? he has accomplished nothing, why does he get to be care free? What of your mother? calling your daughter a fat w***e who will never graduate, who can never do anything right, i assume you let this slide as well. It's not like responsibility was your strong point. your other daughter has also abused drugs, had to quit high school because of 2 children from a drunken a*s hole who beats her,and she is also who has been to jail, she also never seems to get your scolding anymore, why is that? when the one who needs you the most, never gets your approval. where did you go mommy? she is 18 and you refuse to even allow her to voice her opinions? wow, i applaud your mother hood. Your family should really take a step back, because I'm tired of seeing all of you pathetic people live life. "he who is without sin, may cast the first stone." is something that many may say. I am no saint, but who else better to point out the faults of the corrupt but an outcasted sinner?

© 2012 Tapher

Author's Note

something i wrote about how my girlfriends family abuses her and focus on her faults and not their own.

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Added on April 13, 2012
Last Updated on April 13, 2012
Tags: judge, rant



Greenfield, IN

Hey there, my name is Chris. I enjoy writing of all kinds and enjoy writing them as well, my favorite styles to write include many dark or deep backgrounds, although I do commonly write about personal.. more..

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