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Race against time

Race against time

A Poem by Tapsi

Use of a lot of sarcasm here :>


Desperately gasping for air
we rest for a good half second
till the whip comes down again
our conciousness orders "move, run !"
run or you'll be left behind
run, or failure will crush you
run in this mad race
this race against time


we follow immediately, blinded by the speed
the prospect of failure is a strong motivation
we run till every moment is a blur
till the trumpet of success is all we can hear
beinng left behind is a curse
failure is an unforgivable blunder
to escape this horror, we run
we run in this mad race
this race against time


optimism is a fantastic fairytale
realism is practical and sane
love is an unworthy fool's errand
warm greetings must be replaced by cold nods
slow people must not taint perfectly good air by breathing
the grey matter in your skull is what will lead you
not the worthless red thing in your chest
to live, run in this mad race
this race against time.


What's that moisture in your eyes?
bah! what a naive creature!
tears are meant for infants and destitutes
not you- the runners of this race
you have to be hard, solid
your voice must have steel in it
you must bark- talking is slow
because you have to run
run for your life in this mad race
this race against time.

© 2010 Tapsi

Author's Note

send in your honest opinions!!!!

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Thought provoking !! Sarcastic n well delivered !! U do a great job with ur pen gal !! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

u stirred up my emotions greatly... its an excellent write the sarcastic approach touches the heart... don't really know where this mad race which we are all running will lead us!!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Oh! I cant say, how much I flowed with this poem, and how much I loved it.
This thought vibrates in me all the time!

Hope you have not taunted on "Virus - Viru Shahashra Buddhi", from 3 Idiots movie? :P

Absolutely true and brings to the mind, the core issue of more and more students and other people breaking down more and more often, in our non-inclusive and fanatically running world!

Loved these lines...
"optimism is a fantastic fairytale
realism is practical and sane
love is an unworthy fool's errand"

Thanks for sharing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

The theme of the poem is excellent and I enjoyed how you illustrated the picture. I do feel the message could be more concise and in doing so make the poem even more effective. The cynical approach employed here at times is something Ive tried and feel it can be effective as you have shown. Great work.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Sometime we live in a race we can't win. I like the feel of must keep moving and no excuse to stop. A excellent poem. A real view at people wanting us to run like horses. Sometime we may ask why? Poem was written well and had a purpose. Made the reader think. You did.


Posted 8 Years Ago

God its such a good reflection of everything in life. Success. How we run after it not realising, it makes us loathe life even more. We're endlessly running after that one thing which will set us apart from the rest not realising we're all the same becoz we're running after something which is unnattainable !!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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