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The Unknown Tongue

The Unknown Tongue

A Poem by TayPay

Just speak the language, listen, and understand.

I used to know the language of the sea
his deep and masculine roar
The sea how ever has a temper
arrogant and ignorant
He looks unto the moon for guidance
I would know because I would listen 
to them argue
But the moon spoke soft
wise and elegant
with reason and understanding
that eased his irritation

In the woods 
I understood the gossip of the trees
quite different then the sea
there words were subtle
prideful and sharp
they speak upon the winds
carrying their every word
filling the silence with 
their strange tongue.
I once counted the tears 
of the weeping willow
I tried to ease her sorrow
but still she grieves
So I just sit and listen to her lament

I once joined in the crying 
of each falling and dying raindrop
such short life
Makes one contemplate eternity

I bonded with the strange 
shadow on my wall
I used to fear him
once I offered him friendship
and he was obliged 
he listens and understands
more then I ever could

If you were to stop 
and try to make sense of this world
take heed that
even the sea has a temper
so look unto the moon for guidance
every tree has a heart for something
just listen and they will tell you
every raindrop has a dying cry
that even the shadows 
can make the best of friends

Just speak the language
listen, and understand. 

© 2011 TayPay

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Every part of the world has something to teach, the observant person gains much wisdom.

Posted 7 Years Ago

and it so that the universe dances with itself.
To be in tune with the rhythm of nature is to understand the language of life. A beautiful, refreshing read. Tonight, I will not need my 15 minutes with the flower, I've already seen one in this poem.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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even the sea has a temper, so very true! I like this alot of depth to this.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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