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A Poem by NeiL ArandA

The doctrine of the Kingdom of Heaven, which was the main teaching of Jesus, is certainly one of the most revolutionary doctrines that ever stirred and changed the human thought. - H. G. Wells



There's a place where God resides

Eternal home of saints gone by
Where angels sing that fly so high
Where no more tears and deep long sigh.

There's a place where Jesus hides
A perfect place beyond our sight
A holy place of pure delight
Righteousness and glorious light.

There's a heart that thirsts for God
In a dry, parched and solitary land

Not a drop of rain nor morning dew

His desperate heart faints for You.


There's a soul that longs to see

A merciful Savior who sets him free

From mires of sin and misery
Who paid it all at Calvary.

There's a sparrow who yearns to sing
In his plight his hopes may bring
Your secret place where he belongs
Sing to You his brand new song.

There's a Man nailed on a tree
‘Gave His life for you and me
A man of sorrow forsaken by many
Proved His love to humanity.

There's hope beyond this life
You are precious in His sight
Avail His grace while still around
Seek Him now while He is found

There's a love that holds no bound

His precious blood shed for us

Payment, for all the sins conceived

Will be yours if you just believe.

There's a time when He returns

Clock is ticking you should be concerned

Your souls destiny you must perceive

Don't be naive and eternally deceived.

There's a place of great Reproach

Where lost souls weep and had no hope

If you're saved you might not care

Abandon hope if you entered there.

There's a great heavenly reward
For those who labor for the cause of Christ

Treasures beyond your wildest dream

Waiting for those who've been redeemed ...

by NeiL ArandA 09/17/2013


© 2017 NeiL ArandA

Author's Note

NeiL ArandA

Success in life is not about gaining more wealth, power, position nor prestige,
but rather seeking and finding the Lord Jesus Christ. ~ Charles Stanley

God greatest task is seeking us. His greatest desire is to find us. His greatest joy is loving us.

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Featured Review

Neil, the poem is not so moving but I was so moved because of the goodness that I have seen from the heart of the poet here. After accepting your challenge, I go to the very last page of your writings and this is the last...that means this is the first that you posted here.

I have read in your review comment below that you have asked God when you wrote this piece. In my heart, this is it! This is the one that you are talking about.

I'm thankful with the author's note above. You really have more values shown in your every piece.

One question, Neil : are you a nurse, or a priest/preacher? Or are you an another angel in disguise for many people here?

Thank you for being an inspiration here, Neil.

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

NeiL ArandA

4 Years Ago

You can ask me anything Dhaye ...
NeiL ArandA

3 Years Ago

Revisiting our old conversation. And reflecting once again to the message of this piece.

3 Years Ago

Why, Neil? I know I have opened up to the right the ones sent by Him. I have no question.. read more


This is such a beautiful poem, where God and Jesus are, where heaven is...
Beautiful work!

Posted 2 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

2 Years Ago

Hi Lizardo. I am glad you are drawn to this piece. The first piece I have posted here. Everyone in s.. read more

2 Years Ago

That is true Neil, Jesus and God are our heaven, because heaven is a place were we go to rest and we.. read more
I know this song so beautiful.

And yet another Lovely poem God has
made your pen dance and paint beautiful words of truth.

I love listening to Charles Stanley I have a few of his books
and some on my Kindle of his I read I love his sermons they are so
peaceful and refreshing like this poem thank for sharing my friend.

Yes very true about success.

It's doing what God called us to do that's where our Success
is at and our blessings is there also.

it is about God it is never about us even in my Adversary
he helps me to keep going and to be strong and not sit in misery
I will not give the devil that advantage.

thank you for your kind words and reviews and
comments you left on my page and yes I would rather
uplift other then not inspire My Grandpa always said I was
his little bottle of sunshine and I remember that always I am
a very positive bubbly soul :)

This write put me to tears it is so
lovely like our Lord Jesus it will go to my favorites
so I can read it once again I enjoyed reading it.

you have a blessed night Benita/ Kindred poet

Posted 3 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

2 Years Ago

The best thing in life requires much discipline and desire and determination to achieve them. Like h.. read more
Benita c Staebelll - KindredPoet

2 Years Ago

Beautiful as always yes come nigh to god and god will come nigh to us but we have to want that relat.. read more
An awesome Piece!! Great read!!
Thanks for sharing :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

2 Years Ago

Thanks Carl ... for your thoughts
A wonderful, reverent poem that shares the majesty and purpose of God in Jesus Christ. Very well done.

Posted 3 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

2 Years Ago

Ed ...thanks for the visit and sorry for the late reply.
It was just WOW...amazingly beautiful....very well done
This piece is definitely going to be listed in my favourites...thank you for sharing such wonderful views.
Keep writing! Cheers!
Regards Anahat :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

2 Years Ago

Thanks Anahat for the read ...Glad you are able to relate
The teachings of Socrates, and Zoroaster among other ancients were also revolutionary doctrines in their day. Socrates suffered at the hands of the Priest of Zeus for his teachings, and was ordered into exile and death. Julius Caesar had a revolutionary doctrine too, and he paid the price for it at the hands of angry senators. People who try to change the statue quo pay a price. The God Mood is a very complex one, and the subject of Psychology. We all seem to have the God Mood. Moods are synergies, and synergies have no logical algorithms, but they are essential to our survival as a species. Moods are evolved species survival traits. All Jesus wanted us to do was get in tune with our natural species survival traits. Not a bad idea.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Color signifies nothing to the blind. A color such as blue needs a referent to be understood. It's o.. read more
NeiL ArandA

3 Years Ago

You are right Same way a snake taste the location of its prey . So if animals have the special abili.. read more

3 Years Ago

Everything is composed of electromagnetic energy, and all is electromagnetic energy, call that spiri.. read more
Today is one beautiful day, had a wonderful sermon in church and this work of you my friend is going to be save in list of my favourites. God is working in you that is clearly felt in your verses, thank you for sharing..

Posted 3 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

3 Years Ago

Wow I finally found someone that I could truly relate to . Thank you that we cross path .
A wonderful spiritual write! Well done.

Posted 3 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

2 Years Ago

Thank you RayFed for the visit.
A very beautiful write, and the form and font well suited to the theme. A very nice piece.

Posted 3 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

2 Years Ago

KLG ..sorry for the delayed response to your comments and visit.

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Added on September 17, 2013
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Tags: Evangelistic Poem, Spiritual, Seeking God, Thirsting For God, Heaven, Eternal Destiny, Left Behind, Rapture of the Church, The Last Day, Dispensation of Grace


NeiL ArandA
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A Poem by NeiL ArandA

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