Chapter 19. Titan Fall.

Chapter 19. Titan Fall.

A Chapter by Write~Write~Baby ♪♫

As they avoided a slamming tendril, Daniel rushed forward only to be cutoff in his path from the side as the Seaweed Titan whipped its arm out to the left! Taken off his feet, he was thrown for several yards, rolling as he came to his feet, sliding back to a complete stop.

“You overgrown weed!” He shouted, as water soon formed around his hand along with electrical jolts of an identical blue hue.

It all solidified, forming a trident as he struck the ground with the tail end of his weapon. Rushing forward, he took it in both hands, avoiding strikes from the Seaweed Titan as he came towards it left leg. Swinging the trident out to his left, the blades cut through with ease, from the front and along the side to its end, the Titan stepped back as it shouted out in pain! Turning back, Daniel began to strike it quickly with piercing jabs, tearing punctures through as the Titan tried to ward him off, swinging its arm back only to have Daniel strike it as well!

“Sir, we have another weapons system activated.” A scientist mentioned to Captain McBride.


“Daniel, his trident.”

Having put the larger creature on the ropes, it tried to heal its wounds at the injuries were slowly closing. Finding the power within themselves, Ala and Naomi tapped into their potential. Bringing forth their respective tridents as well in the same manner as they joined in the fray. As if it were trying to swat gnats, the Seaweed Titan swung its arms about in every direction, slamming them down as it couldn’t land a hit on anyone, with exceptions to being struck by their tridents, damaging it. Running between its legs, Daniel came from behind, leaping in midair as he tossed his trident forward with extreme precision as it struck the creature in the back of the head! In a serious agonizing shout, the Titan moaned in pain!

Electrical energy surged the head of Ala’s trident as he thrust it forward! Blasting the Titan with a barrage of yellow lightning!

“Fry! Fry you son of a"!” Pink electrical jolts soon struck too.

As Ala fended it off at the torso, Naomi targeted its legs! Finding itself in a situation far from dominance, the Titan tried to escape but the burning pains in its legs took it down to its knees, using its right arm to support it partial crippled base. It covered the best way possible with its left! The sharp, throbbing stings from the back of its head reminded it that a trident had been forced into its head. Watching the others hold it off, Daniel ran back at it and leapt towards his weapon! Shoving it in further, he twisted and tore it free!

Pushing back as he snatched it free, he blasted the Titan with an electrical attack of his own, doing major damage to its head as the seaweed burned in a light flame! Landing, Daniel spun his trident overhead before placing his left hand towards the lower mid-section of the shaft and his right hand at the top, a few segments below the bladed head. A blue aura casted about each blade, radiating in a mist almost as he breathed heavily.

“MOVE!” He shouted to the others.

“Why!?” Ala shouted back, noticing the odd glow on his weapon as she pulled away. “Naomi, get back!”

“Time to die, irritating weed!” He spoke with pure hatred. “Surge!”

Spinning the trident back, he whipped it forward as the blade dragged across the ground with him pointing it forward out of the rotation. The aura cast forward, rushing across the ground in a crescent wave of water and energy! Reaching a height of ten feet and a matching width, the wave took on an essence at its center. A shark had manifested within the wave as it struck the Titan from behind as explosion kicked back on contact as sparks showered from the attack! Leaning forward, it was on all fours as Ala stayed at the front and Naomi rushed to her right/the Titans left.

“This has gone on for too long, now its time to exterminate you from this world!” Naomi said.

“I agree. Time to cut it down, literally.” Ala added.

Both tridents took on mist like auras at the bladed heads. Feeling the power increase to a point, the each took a similar stance to Daniel. Shouting out a phrase like command before rotating their tridents back and releasing their attacks!

“Echo!” Ala shouted as her wave was released.

“Whistle!” Naomi shouted, doing the same as well.

As Ala’s attack threaded down the center of the Titan’s head to its stomach region, Naomi’s followed through its waistline. Dual explosion had erupted from its body as the Titan groaned loudly, in a sense of pain that either never had experienced nor has made a sound like what they witnessed. An unstoppable mass of aquatic vegetation, given life and a dangerous will, had fallen. Its body burned from the inside, as smoke found freedom in flurries from openings as it collapsed to the ground. Watching on as the flames were breaking down the plant like corpse left behind, it didn’t take it no time to slowly break down.

“It’s over…” Daniel said.

“I guess, for that.” Ala replied.

“No quite!” The Captain came over the coms.


“There’s more going on! You may have taken care of that creature, but Orion and Josiah have their hands full and can use assistance.”

“Alright, but its going to quite the track meet.” Daniel said.

“We have that covered, the DZ has been marked in your location.”

“DZ?” The sound of approaching propellers caught their attention as a gust had sudden came rolling in from above.

Above, a military helicopter came slowly begun to hover in place. A Boeing CH-47 Chinook as cables were attached to three small vehicles. Inside the cockpit, the pilot pressed a remote as the clips on the vehicles had released with them dropping to the ground. Having lowered itself down, the drop was about ten to thirteen feet but didn’t phase the vehicles as the helicopter began to double back as it ascended in altitude.

“That was…where did that come from?” Naomi asked.

“Our resources at hand.” Giselle came over the coms. “What sits before you are three of five prototypes. The Waverunners, they’re help transport you by either sea or land.”

The Waverunners were specially built motorcycles. Being a cross between an ATV and a jet-ski with change modes for either form of terrain. Having the design of a Yamaha Raptor YFZ 450 and a See-Doo Spark. Their body colors were white, with their respective color being a secondary which line the front before the nose, the upper and rear sides and before the handlebars. Taking seats on each one, Daniel quickly started his up! Hitting the throttle, he wheelied back as he shot off, showing a familiar sense of riding on one.

“Let’s do this!” He shouted, heading off before the others as Naomi and Ala would soon follow in pursuit.

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Write~Write~Baby ♪♫
Write~Write~Baby ♪♫

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