Story Time

Story Time

A Story by John

This was a story for my Language arts class.


Two children were wandering around their village smiling happily and holding hands. The older sister was looking around the village looking for something interesting while her brother was silently looking at her sister wondering what kind of trouble she would get into. The two children were known for causing mischief around the village. Both have blonde hair with brown eyes and their names are Alice and Alex Baker. The village they both live in is a small village that is surrounded by a woods that are forbidden to enter and to enter the village you must enter by a small path that is on the edge of the village. Rumors say that the woods holds a secret that no one knows and that beings from other worlds wander the place. Both children were always listening to stories about the woods in a small dinner that travellers enter or the old man, named Greg, that lives up on the hill. “Alice where are we going?,” Alex finally asked the question he was think of right now. “We’re going to see the old man he said he found a book hidden inside his old basement! That old man sure has lots of things hiding inside his basement I won’t be surprise that he found a whole town under their without him noticing!,” Alice rambled about the old man’s basement while Alex only nodded to her.

Once they reached Greg’s house Alice kicked the door open dragging in Alex. “Alice it's rude to barge in here,” Alex scold Alice but she didn’t listen to him she was yelling Greg’s name to come out. A few minutes later Greg did come out. He was still in his pyjamas which is a pair of sweatpants and a shirt. “Hey old man what took you so long? And where’s that book you told me?,” Alice said annoyed that she had to wait for him to wake up. “What did I told you Alice? My name is Greg and I am 30 so i’m still not old, I think?,” Greg questioned himself. “You keep thinking like that George, so where’s the book?,” She said heading towards the basement with a quiet Alex and a fuming Greg on her tail.

Inside the basement they saw a bunch of boxes. “I was cleaning up yesterday when I found a book about the woods. I thought you could be interested about it since you always talk about the woods whenever you come here,” Greg explained to the two children’s while walking towards a box. He reached inside the box and got out a dust old book. The book had no title and it was blank on the front and back. “Here keep it I don’t need it.”. He threw it to Alex who successfully caught it and looked at it. Alice looked over his shoulder to look at the book. “Thank you,” Alex said to Greg, who was sitting on the floor munching on a apple that he had found in his pocket, who nodded and told them to get out. “Rude,” mumbled Alice but left to go outside. Alex was about to leave but stopped when Greg told him to stop. He looked at Greg, still sitting on the floor. “Don’t go to the woods, do you understand? No matter what don’t go in there,” Greg said seriously which scared Alex because he was always a carefree man who had anger issues. Alex nodded to him “Good no off you go then Alice is probably waiting for you,” Greg was back to his normal self and Alex left but not before looking over his shoulder to see that Greg was not there.

Outside Alice was outside tapping her foot while fuming that her brother was taking so long. “Where is that idiot?,” Alice thought as she cross her arms. Soon Alex came out with the book in his hand. “Finally you come out! What took you so long?,” Alice questioned her brother but she saw the look on his face. His face looked like he saw a ghost. His skin seemed to have lost it’s color and eyes looked off at the distance like he was thinking of something. “Hey what’s wrong? You look like I just ate your last cupcake,” She got no response of her brother. She was about to ask again but a small voice stop her. “Let's get going it’s almost time for dinner,” Alex spoke calmly but Alice knew he was hiding something and she was going to find out. Narrowing her eyes at her brother, a bit suspicious about him, hesitated but agreed to go home.

Their house is a small cottage. The cottage is in between the edge of the village and the woods. They aren't scared of the woods but they do see little lights floating around the woods. Alice was in her room, both of their rooms are in the attic, reading the book that Greg gave them. In the book there were pictures of creatures they could never think of. It told the their weakness, powers, and appearance. “If I could go inside the woods I could find these creature’s and tell people how brave I am to enter the woods,” Alice smiled at the thought of her being a hero and encountering these creatures.

Downstairs Alex was cutting up carrots for their dinner. They didn’t have parents they were abandoned and Greg found them. They lived with him until Alice found this cottage that they convince Greg, mostly Alice, to let them move in. Once Alex was done with their dinner he went upstairs to call Alice but was stopped by the sound of people screaming. He walks towards the window that looks out the village when he saw orange flames eating up the village. Alex eyes widen at the sight of his village on flames. He yelled for Alice to head to the village while he ran towards the door. Outside he ran to the village to help once he was about to enter the village there was a circle of fire surrounding the village. He could feel the heat of the fire, hear the yells of people burning, smell the smoke, and see the people of the village collapse as they burn to death. He was too busy staring at his village that he didn’t notice his sister come and gasp at the scene that was presented to them. Alice was the first to snap out of looking at their village, she covered Alex eyes and dragged him back to their home to pack up. Alice went upstairs to get the things they needed but stopped and looked at Alex. He was looking through the window. She sighed too tired to talk and close the window Alex was staring at.

A few hours has passed and the fire outside was still going. The path to leave the village was on the other side of the village and was blocked off. Alice and Alex were arguing. Alice want’s to go into the woods and leave the village but Alex wants to stay and help stop the fire. “Fine if you are going to be such a crybaby why don’t you stay here while I go,” Alice said getting tired of arguing with her brother. “But Greg said never to go into the forest,” Alex pleaded to Alice who was already at the edge of the woods staring curiously at the woods. “Alice, what are you doing? Get back here,” Alice responded by sticking her tongue out and jumping backwards towards the woods. “See there is nothing wrong plus I don’t want to stay and see the bodies of our friends,” Alice thought of her friends laying on the cold floor being eaten up by the fire. Before Alex could respond a large black hand, twice the size of Alice, grab Alice by her back and pulled her into the woods. “ALEX,” Alice screamed but her mouth was covered by one of the fingers of the abnormally large hand. Alex darted towards the woods forgetting the village and ran trying to look for his only and last family member.

The hand stopped pulling Alice and drop her on the floor. Alice looked around her surroundings to find trees. Trees were everywhere and it was dark inside.the only source of light was the orbs floating around the place glowing a faint yellow color. “Where am I?,” Alice thought out loud to herself. “Your inside the woods,” replied a voice. Alice felt a chill go down her spine and slowly turn around. To her shock she saw who the voice was.

“Alice where are you?,” Alex thought as he ran deeper into the woods. The orbs got out of the way as he sprinted looking for Alice. A few minutes have passed when he tripped over a branch on the floor. He landed face first to the ground, he was about to stand up when he heard someone giggle. He look around for the voice when he spotted a dark fur rabbit looking at him with black eyes. The strange thing about the rabbit is that it wore a top hat and a bowtie. Both of them stared at each other until they both heard a large growl coming from Alex stomach. The rabbit looked at his stomach and giggled. To say that Alex was surprised was an understatement. “Hey stop laughing,” This caused the rabbit to laugh at him, “Stop laughing,” Alex was getting angry that he was being laughed by a rabbit. “Fine if you're going to be laughing I’m leaving,” with that Alex stood up and was about to walk off. “You're never going to find Alice like this,” spoke a little girl's voice he turned around only to see the rabbit again staring at him. “What are talking about? I am going to find Alice if it's the last thing to do.,” Alex stated confidently. “She has already encountered The Trickster and you are weak. A branch has already beaten you,” The rabbit stated bluntly to him as if stating the obvious. Alex was already angry at the rabbit for doubting him. “Who are you and who is this trickster?,” Alex questioned the rabbit. “I have many names and The Trickster is someone you know,” Alex look dumbfounded that he knew this trickster. “Well see you around I have somewhere to be,” Alex was about to protest but he saw the rabbit has left and a book was left behind. It was the book that Greg gave them. He picked it up and turned to a page that had a picture of a rabbit he has just encountered. “B-Rabbit: Status:Alive and very dangerous if encountered run  Description: B-Rabbit is a failed experiment that nearly killed all the scientist who helped create this being. B-Rabbit was supposed to be used for a weapon that the kingdom would use. Abilities that B-Rabbit has is to talk and transform into the original B-Rabbit. Once it transforms into its original self it will summon a weapon, most likely a death scythe, to exterminate the evil. Since it was a war weapon it would kill any ‘enemies’ he sees. The current B-Rabbit is not so dangerous but when angered or thinks you are its enemy it will transform,” Once Alex read the discription his face paled. “I could have died,” he thought and wondered why the B-Rabbit didn’t kill him. He continued walking deeper into the woods trying to find Alice.

“Old man? Is that you? What’s with the outfit?,” Alice questioned the man in front of her. Greg in front of her was wearing a outfit that almost resembled the clothes men wore in the Victorian era. “Alice, what did I told you about entering the woods? And where’s that brother of yours isn’t he always with you like? Is he inside the woods as well? Well if he is I think your brother is dead. If we’re lucky we would find his corpse lying on the floor. Come on it's dangerous out here,” Greg walked off to some direction while Alice looked shocked at what he said but followed him. “Hey, old man, what are you doing in here?,” Alice asked Greg softly hoping to get an answer from him. He only smiled a sinister smile and told Alice mysteriously ,”In time you will know,” and with that he looked forward and continued walking deeper into the woods.

“We are finally here,” Greg said a bit too cheerfully for Alice liking. Alice looked around the place that Alice took her. It was just a clearing that still had those floating orbs around. She looked at Greg who looked down at her as if expecting her to jump up and down in excitement, questionable. “Why are we here?,” Alice said to Greg. “Well Alice this is going to be our last time together so I thought to give you a farewell present,” and with that Greg pushed Alice down a hole that appeared behind her. Alice closed her eyes but before falling to her death she heard Greg laugh, “And down the rabbit hole she goes,” that was the last thing she heard.

“Alice where are you? Please come out,” Alex yelled around the woods. He knew that dangerous creature are in the woods and they are going to find him if he kept yelling but he was desperate to to find his sister. Alex was about to yell again but he heard a rustling noise coming from a bush nearby. “Alice?,” Alex said to himself thinking he found Alice. He reached the bush closer and closer until he was only inches away from the bush. In a quick motion Alex opened the bush to reveal something he wished he would never see again. “You damn rabbit I thought you were Alice,” Alex said frustrated that it was only the rabbit that annoyed him to death in their last encounter. “I was bored of watching you walking around so I thought I could finish the job before The Trickster comes,” Alex looked confused but then he get what the rabbit has said. “This rabbit going to kill me,” He thought has he sprinted away from the rabbit. He heard an explosion than a roar that sound like a battle cry. He wanted to look behind him but he needed to run. Once he was far away to take a break he turned around only to find nothing. “He’s gone,” Alex told himself as he closed his eyes. When he open them he was met beady black eyes and a rabbit like face staring down at him. He backed up only to be against a tree. The rabbit was huge much bigger than any building he ever saw. The rabbit then took out a death scythe and struck down at Alex.

Black, trees, and graves. That’s what Alice saw when she woke up. “I’m alive?,” Alice told herself she sat up and turn around when she heard someone groan from beside her. “Alex is that you?,” Alice started shaking Alex to wake up. “Alice is that you? Where are we?,” Alex questioned his sister. “I don’t know but let's find a way out,” Alice said to her brother. And with that Alex and Alice were wondering through the woods and never found a way out.

“William tell us another story,” a child told the person named William, who looked a lot like Greg, in the park where their were other kids around interested in the story. Next time so bye,” With that William stood up and walked towards his home up on a hill.

© 2015 John

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