MRO Underground

MRO Underground

A Story by John

My life being sold to some auction a secret organization named Merchant Red Organization Underground or just the MRO Underground.

"And today ladies and gentlemen the special for today's auction will be presented at the end of the auction," the announcer announce out loud to the crowd who, I could tell by the noise, are exited for this special. I sighed as I rattled the chains that tied my hands to the bird cage I was in. I couldn't see anything. I can just hear small whispers coming from the people around me. My blindfold was around my eyes tightly. They were so tight that I could see splashes of dim colors in my eyesight.

"They seem to be ready to give us our money for these 'beautiful slaves'," the announcer told someone as he entered the backroom, in which all the merchant was inside. "WE ARE NOT SLAVES," yelled a young women from my left. 'I agree,' I thought and I could of said it out loud if my mouth wasn't gagged by a dirty rag they found. "SHUT UP," yelled the announcer back as he slap the women. All you could hear was the echoing slap around the dead silent room. The women was shocked at the new found pain. I thought she was dead until I heard her sob and went to the corner of her small cage or somewhere far away from the man who inflicted that pain she is feeling right now. "You are all merchant that we collect," the man said calmly as he walked away, "so act like good little merchant, okay?," in the end he sounded so cheerful and happy about our god damn situation we are in.

When the man left everyone in the room started whispering to one another but one conversation brought my emotions out. "Mommy? Are you okay," I'm guessing a young girl around 5 years old talking to her 'mommy'. "Yes sweety its nothing just a scratch,". 'OH so the mother is the woman who got slapped by the announcer,' I thought as I recognized the voice. "Don't worry Stacy we will get out of here," the mother told her child. I could her the rattles of someones chains move. "Mommy? Why are we here," as soon as she said that the room went dead silent again. "Kid," a new voice that sounded much older women said, "were here to be sold as merchant."."Don't say that, she's only 5," another voice called out. "SHE IS GOING TO LEARN THE DAMN TRUTH SOONER OR LATER," the older lady called out and what she said was true. 

I figured out I was being sold off when I was 8 years old. 10 years ago I was living in a nice home with my mother and father. My mother was a stay at home mom and my father was or what he told us a real estate seller. That was a lie. He was never a real estate seller. Or a loving father. Or a loving husband. No. He was a member of this s****y organization that got woman's pregnant a took them to this god damn place once the child was 8. My mother was rapped by many other men when she got here while I was trained to do things a slave or as they called this training a 'education for the real world.' That was no education. We acted like slaves that were transported to america for farms. We get beaten and we were starved to death. I still the have whip marks I got when I tried to escape with 7 other kids. There were some exceptions for children under 8 to come here. If they come here and they are still under the age of 8 that means there mother found out about what the husband does for a living and was executed or they were both sold off. This little girl and her mother were going to be sold off to different people.

While I was thinking they started the auction and took the mother. "Mommy? Where are you going? Give me back my mommy," the little girl cried as she rattled the cages bars. Someone got annoyed because I heard a clang coming from the girls cage. "Shut up your next after her," the man said but got spitted on the face by the young girl. I could only hear her make a sound and the splash that came when it made contact with his face. "YOU B***H," the man yelled out. 


That's all I heard. A loud. Ringing. Bang. Coming from the man. Thud. That was the sound of a lifeless body being thrown out of the cage and into the trash can. We couldn't do anything. We couldn't pray. Or cry. Or ask what she wanted. If we do that we would be in the same situation as her. "Damn it," the man mumbled, "we lost one. She could have been sold for a good price.". 'Disgusting excuse for a human being,' I thought as he talked how much she would have cost.

A few hours have passed. People go and people come. I was the last one left. How I knew that? I knew because I am the special that is being sold for a high price. I felt selfish. Other people are sold off as only pieces of decoration while I'm here being sold to a luxurious place and need to be 'treated' well. "Get up," someone grabbed my arm and threw me out the cage I was held in. I couldn't see and kept tripping over things. When he stopped I stopped as well. Bad Idea. He pushed me threw the curtains, making me fall on my but, to the stage of the auctions. "Well here she is ain't she a beauty," the announcer told the crowd as he took off my blindfolds. I wince at the new found light. "So we start with a 58,000,000,000 dollars," the announcer told the crowd with a cheery tone. I kept blinking as my vision improve and saw the people auction me. This went on and on until the announcer stopped it on a high bid that I could not capture at that moment but it was higher than the original bid. "Number 48. Congratulation take your prize to the front office," the announcer told the man in a black crows mask.

We walked in the hallway in silence. The only noise there is is from the chains I still have as I walk. We kept walking till we saw the front desk. A lady wearing black was standing in the middle of the front desk. She looked up and smiled at the man in the crow mask. She held out her hand. The man understood and went into his pocket looking for the money he needed. As he was doing that I looked around the room. The floor was a dark red color with the words MRO Underground written in black. The walls a soft yellow color. To go outside you must go through to tough looking men that were standing in front of the exit. "Come on," a gruff voice told me as they pulled the chain. The voice belong to the man. I just glared at him and followed him because I knew I would escape. Sooner or later he's going to be laying on the cold hard floor. Dead.

© 2016 John

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Added on January 10, 2016
Last Updated on February 2, 2016
Tags: Auction, Organization, Humans, Escape



Narnia, Over the Rainbow, TX

Hey I am the Holy John aka some unknown being that likes to go by John. I am a female just in case someone thought I was a dude that writes like a chick. I like anime, music, and manga. more..

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