The Man in a Coat

The Man in a Coat

A Story by John

How did this poor boy lost his sister and all his family in one night? Read and find out ;)


Red. That’s what she saw as soon as she entered her little brother’s room. Drip. Sounds of the red liquid color dropping down to the floor as it once stood on the ceiling. Her brown eyes grew wide at the scene that is presented to her. “Sammy?” the girl called out when she saw a lump on the bed covered in red. She inched forward but stopped. A figure ran from one side of the room to the other. Her brown eyes could not follow the figure, that was slowly but quickly moving, reaching towards her. She froze as it was soon in front of her. Inches away from her face. It was a dark, slim shadowy figure that wore a black fedora. Everything about the figure told the little girl to run and never look back but she couldn’t take her eyes off of the figures eyes. The eyes were the part that intrigued the girl. They were a crimson red and the pupils were slits that remind her of the dragons from her favorite book called the ‘Tale’s of the Unwanted Dragon.’ The figure whispered to her something that she could not understand. It was a completely different language. When the figure finish speaking it evaporated into small black particles. Confuse the girl stood there for a second till she continued walking towards her little brother’s bed. “Sammy? Who was that?” she questioned the little boy who was laying in bed. His once white sheets were covered in a dark red color. The red color was oozing from the boy’s body. “Sammy this is not funny. Wake up,” the small girl said frustrated that her brother was not waking up. ‘He’s cold,’ she thought as she placed a hand over his own hand. “Sammy, are you sick? I could get mother in here, you just need to stay here for a while till I get her here, okay?” the girl asked as she walked near the door. Not getting a response she closed the door and left to her parents room.

She walked down the deathly silent hallways as she walked towards her parent’s room. Not scared, she started humming a song she heard when she was walking outside with her cat, Kathy. She was soon in front of her parent’s room. “Mommy? Daddy? Sammy is sick,” she whispered as she slowly opened the door silently. To her surprise her mother was nowhere to be found. Her father was standing next to the open window that showed the garden. “Daddy, Sammy is sick,” she said to her father as she stand next to him. “Victoria, what have I told about addressing people,” her father’s deep but loud voice demanded to the small girl. “Call people by their full first name and to call you William,” the girl said, afraid that she will get beaten again for forget what she was told to call people. “Yes, and what did you do,” William asked the girl. “I called you daddy and Samuel, Sammy,” the girl said weakly. “Good. No leave me alone,” William demanded. “But Samuel-,”. “I said to leave and you are leaving,” William slapped his daughter and faced her. She gasped as she held her red cheek. Her father’s eyes aren’t the usual brown eyes she remember’s. No. They were a crimson color like the figure. “Who are you? What happen to mommy and daddy,” the girl asked as she held in her tears. “I am daddy and mommy is sleeping outside just like Sammy,” ‘William’ answered as he turned to the window to see something. Curious she looked out the window. What she saw scared her. Her parent’s were outside laying in a pool of red. Wolf’s came from every direction to come and eat her parent’s. Wolf’s tore their limbs and fight for the limbs of her parent’s. Her parent’s were still alive but it was painful to watch. They screamed and tried to fight them but it was no use. “Sammy,” she screamed out as she ran to her brother’s room.

“Sammy. Wake up,” she roughly pushed her brother, attempting to wake him up. “It’s no use. He’s dead,” ‘William’ told the girl as he watched the girl trying to wake up the only precious thing in her life. Her parent’s were nothing to her. They abused her and her little brother. She was the oldest so she got the beatings that were meant for Sammy. “No,” she girl whispered weakly as tears fell from her face, “Not Sammy. He’s my brother.”.”You know we could make a deal,” this made the girl curios. “What is it,” she questioned him. “You get Samuel back if you become my, what’s a better word? AH. Assistant,” ‘William’ told the girl with a huge smirk on his face. “Deal,” she girl said quickly to the man. All she wanted was Sammy. “Perfect,” the man’s smirk grew wide as he snapped his fingers.

“Wh-Where are we?” asked Victoria, the little girl, as she stared at the huge mansion. It looked like a Victorian era mansion with dark colored bricks in the middle of a dark wood forest. It was dawn and the birds were singing making the atmosphere lift up a little bit of the tension it had when they arrived. You could now see the man’s face and figure perfectly. He was carrying Samuel, a strawberry blonde boy about the age of 4, and wore a long black coat. His eyes were an eerie color. They were a glowing red eyes and his hair was a dark purple, almost black, in a messy way. And his skin was a sickly pale color. Paper white you might say is his skin color. “We are at my beautiful home,” the man said with a smirk as he walked towards the mansion, still carrying Samuel, in a fast pace. “H-Hey wait for me mister,” Victoria said as she ran after the man who was inside the the mansion.

Inside it was dark. The only sources of light was the candlestick that the man was carrying. It was also empty inside except a few cabinets and chairs here and there covered in dust and white sheet’s. “Hey mister,” Victoria said trying to gain the attention of the man who brought her here. “Hm,” was the response she got from the man as he continued to walk around the mansion, holding the candle in front. It’s not that he could not see in the dark. Infact he could see clearly through the dark without it but he wanted to act more…. ‘human like.’ “Mister what’s your name,” Victoria was playing with her thumbs, embarrassed that she did not now who the man she is walking with is. “I have no name. I used to. But now I don’t,” he said to the little girl who was now staring at the man curiously. “Why don’t you have a name, mister?,” Victoria asked forgetting everything that happened an hour ago. “You know you ask a lot of questions,” the man mumbled to himself but still answered the question, ”I don’t have a name. I find them useless. Meaning less. They are just labels to you humans. People address you by it and you address them by their label or as you people call them ‘names’.” Victoria was about to ask another question but they heard a noise. “Mommy?,” Samuel said, now fully awake, as he scanned where he was.

Samuel cried big tears as he kept kicking the man's face. “You brat! That’s the last time I carry you,” the man furiously said as he threw Samuel to the floor. This only made Samuel wail much louder on the floor. “Sammy are you okay?,” Victoria said as she ran towards her little brother to find any bruises. “TORI,” Samuel screamed happily as he saw the face of his beloved sister. As they were hugging someone had to interrupt them. “I love the whole hugging fest but we got to get moving you still need to repay for this thing,” the man said without emotion as he pointed at Samuel. Samuel whimpered and hid behind Victoria. “Tori, he’s scary,” Samuel whispered, very loudly, to his sister. This made the man even more furious at how childish both of the siblings acted in his presence. “Come on follow me. We aren’t that far,” the man said as he hold the candle in front of him and kept walking but still keeping an eye at the siblings.

In front of them stood a large door. It had strange markings and pictures of people going inside the door and coming out with a face full of despair. Victoria stared at the door with curiosity while Samuel had a worried expression on his face. The man just stared at them with a blank face but inside he was smirking at what was going to happen. “So Victoria? Do you want to go by yourself or with your brother,” the man smirked as Victoria looked at her little brother with a big smile. “Sammy! Let’s go! This is an adventure. I read that when you enter a door with a magic man you go to a different world,” Victoria said happily as she tried to open the door. ‘She can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy. This should be interesting,’ the man thought with a smirk as he stared at the girl, who was slowly opening the door.

Once the door was fully open the inside was pitch black with white squares that seem to go somewhere. “Victoria go in and chose a gateway,” the man said as he stared at all the white squares that were floating around the black room. Victoria excitedly ran towards all the squares and chose one that was floating on the left side of the wall. “This one! Come on Sammy,” Victoria said as she stared inside the white square. “I will stay here,” Samuel said as he sat down on the floor. “Okay,” Victoria said she jump inside the white square.

Years have passed since Victoria jumped into the square. The police said that the family were eaten by wild animals while being outside in the dark. Samuel waited and waited next to the door hoping one day Victoria could pop out and say something cheerful like ‘Sammy it was so much fun you should have come’ or something like that. The man had disappeared when Victoria jumped into the square and there was no escape from this mansion. Samuel was trapped inside the mansion. The forest outside would only lead back into the mansion like a big loop. Nothing is known what had happen to Victoria when she entered the white square.

© 2016 John

Author's Note

It's not the greatest but it's something. Again this is in my quotev account, GhostLeGhost

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Added on January 30, 2016
Last Updated on January 30, 2016
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