Stone Enpowering

Stone Enpowering

A Story by Tanner Wright

This is the final evaluation I have made to structure the rules of "magic" in my fantasy world. If they seem solid, let me know. Flaws, let me know. Originality?

Single Gemstones, Crystals, and Rocks:
An individual can use a single stone's power naturally if they have a disposition to it through bloodlines. Every race of people is disposed to the stones of their homeland, but more stones can be empowered by existing members of ancient families. Example: a Sartoran peasant will most likely be able to empower Jasper to some degree, while a royal Sartoran embassary could empower Jasper, Desert Rose, and Tangerine Quartz easily.

Crystal Grids:
An individual can create a prominent effect from many stones if their energies align in geometric patterns. When creating an outward effect, the center stone/s must the largest or purest stone/s in the cluster and the stone placer must be disposed to said stone. Example: A larger Amethyst cluster in the center of a grid surrounded by clear Quartz crystals creates a basic protective barrier.
When creating an inward effect, the outermost stones must be the largest or purest ones in the cluster and the individual must be disposed to them as well. Example: Malachite in a circle around an individual with Selestite littered within will cause the blood to increase in temperature.

Blood Cured Stones:
An individual can use the powers of a stone they are not disposed to only when they use the blood of someone with that disposition to 'cure' the stones. The effect only lasts if the stone remains intact completely, but can not be cured with the blood of a living person. The same applies for Crystal Grids, if the prominent stones are cured then the grid will produce an effect. If none of the stones in a cluster are cured, an individual can be slain in the center to create an effect depending on the disposition of the slain individual. Example: A known Citrine empowerer could be slain in a Citrine prominent Grid to cause a memory lapse, but also the small traces of Lapis Lazuli power in their blood could completely destroy the intellect of anyone present.

Clear Quartz has no disposition and can be used by anyone. Moldavite, Clear Diamond, and the rare metal, Titchanite, are no longer disposed to anyone known living in the present age. One family was said to be the original Crystal empowerers, the Dredarilas house, and that they could use any stone they pleased if they knew its power. The last Dredarilas died around two hundred years before the present day. Most metals need no disposition to work with but the effect is greatly increased if there is.

© 2018 Tanner Wright

Author's Note

Tanner Wright
I tried to give it a bit of structure. I had a brainstorming list a mile long for this but I narrowed it down to this.

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Added on February 2, 2018
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Tanner Wright
Tanner Wright

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