Please Fix Your Face

Please Fix Your Face

A Poem by Theodore Dixen

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover


So why are you cocking your head to the side?

why you looking at me like you've never seen a nose so wide?

You act like you've never seen b***s that look like balloons,

or hips like a baboons.

My belly wiggles just a little, and my backside jiggles,

but its okay cause it makes the white chicks giggle,

and the brothers wanna fiddle.

Why you looking at me like i'm a disease,

just because my skin looks like burnt Chinese?

Why you scared to talk to me?

you think my big lips gone bust you in the face?

You think my Chicken George nose will knock your

nose job to second base? 

Haha honey suga beans and rice, Please Fix Your Face!

My thighs are as wide as the ships you ride,

and a strand of my hair is thicker than all the clothes you wear.

So why are you cocking your head to the side?

Cause you wish someones eyes would linger on your french

frie thighs the way yours linger on mine.

You pay thousands to look like me, so why you looking

like you just seen a ghost? 

You the one that envy my black butt, balloon b***s, hips and lips, the most.

So why you cocking your head to the side?

and squinting your eyes so close?

I have exactly what you want, it's just a double dose!

I work mine, so you work yours, don't let it go to waste!

But in the mean time suga honey sweet thang, 

Please Fix Your Face!


© 2012 Theodore Dixen

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Added on July 2, 2012
Last Updated on July 2, 2012
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Theodore Dixen
Theodore Dixen

Miami, FL

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