The Day I Lost My Mind

The Day I Lost My Mind

A Poem by Deron Alexis

The Day I Lost

My mind


The day I lost my mind

Was as clear as any other

Until came the gale

Derived from phantoms

Full of fire

That burned my face to dust.


Have you ever heard someone snap?

It’s a most peculiar sound.

It was a concussive scream

And screeching in my ear.

A cannon blast of broken glass

And gale force winds rushing past.


And a voice occurred

after I stumbled out the storm

pressed itself into the norm.

and if I act or if I abstain,

I’m deemed as guilty all the same

Damned if I do,

Damned if I don’t,

Damned if sinner or saint

Damned to the lifelessness

I am inside

Where my greatest fires are faint.


The fire removed my face

And razors wore down my skin.

My blood now boils at room temperature

Making each heartbeat pain

And if someone tries to touch me

Or get closer somehow

I feel them itching at my flesh

Like roaches under my brow.

And I pick at my own flesh

Grasping at phantom bugs

Scarring myself with blemishes

But the itching just won’t stop.


See me in the corner

Rocking back and forth

Hugging my knees so tight

Eyes red and teary

Cause I can’t sleep tonight.

I plan on closing my eyes

And wandering inside my skull

To find that voice within my head

And ask him why oh why and why

There are spiders in my bed.

© 2013 Deron Alexis

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Holy moly wow! This is a seriously powerful poem, that goes even deeper than I can possibly comprehend, but at the same time, I do. This really went in my head and under my skin. Great job!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Deron Alexis

4 Years Ago

Thanks i'm glad you liked it :)
wow that's a really powerful poem. now I have a phobia for insects and spiders... so this one really sent my skin crawling!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Deron Alexis

4 Years Ago

that was part of the plan thanks for the comments
very interesting wording, lotsa strong emote

Posted 4 Years Ago

Deron Alexis

4 Years Ago

what are we if not users of strong words bro
Holy cats Deron, this one infests itself into the psyche and crawls under the skin then BAM! Extremely affecting read, you've outdone yourself with this one, top shelf favorite. Amazing..............

Posted 4 Years Ago

Deron Alexis

4 Years Ago

thanks Frieda i appreciate the kind words this is a great pic of you by the way you're really good a.. read more
Frieda P

4 Years Ago

Dark & very impressive piece of work Deron, well deserved, and thank you my friend.
Damn this is killer!!!!! I feel you on this one. This piece stands alone, strong expressions unleashed here. Good to see you're still around.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Deron Alexis

4 Years Ago

good to see you still have your hatchet XD
Rob Santana

4 Years Ago

hahahaha, instead of my cell phone glued to my hand, it's my hatchet, haha!!!!

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Deron Alexis
Deron Alexis

Cunupia village, Caroni, Trinidad and Tobago

Been gone from writers cafe a while. Dunno if im back for good. Im hoping im not as much of a little s**t as my 16 year old self was. Lets see how this goes i guess more..