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A Chocolate Heart

A Chocolate Heart

A Poem by Deron Alexis

A Chocolate Heart


I would if I could

But it’s hard to keep my distance

The thought of distance crushes

Being so far from beauty incarnate.


It’s more than what you look like

The dark hair,

A blackened halo of large curls,

Your dark brown eyes

With a wisdom deeper than death

I’ve died in your eyes

Many a time

Then resurrected by your smile,

I see the rest of you.


It’s like a special type of fire

It’s more than fresh air

It’s spiced and minted

When you speak

Or sigh or laugh

There’re spices in your speech

And there’s chocolate on your breath

Deep seated, thick, dominant

As if to usher from a chocolate heart.


The thought, the concept

The essence of what is or might be,

Is tantamount to insanity

The chaos that is me.

You must accept that you are part of it,

Still, you keep me still.


Can’t you see what’s happening here?

Where words are speaking words,

My poems sprouting wings,

And hawks and moths flying away

and this very song,

with no apparent rhythm or music

is tuned to my irregular heartbeat.


For the sake of sanity,


 I need to be braver

Want to be clearer for

You to see me in my current state,

Shivering in my skin,

As my heart spills

Into your palms.


And even now,

Yeah right now,

The spiced chocolate effervescence

Like wine goes up to my head.

The kind chocolate heart

beating in your chest  

Spurs my intoxication onward.





© 2013 Deron Alexis

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Oh Deron, you're letting your romantic pink underbelly show. An intoxicating chocolate high here, ''like wine goes to my head"...sounds like someone is smitten. A perfect read since Valentine's Day is in the air ~ ;-)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Deron Alexis

4 Years Ago

thanx Frieda i'm smitten...... hmm pink how did you know?
Dark chocolate's good for the heart and an aphrodisiac too! She seems like a nice girl amigo!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Deron Alexis

4 Years Ago

yea she is thanx dude
what inspired you to write this?...

Posted 4 Years Ago

Deron Alexis

4 Years Ago

pshh ....a crush still don't know if i'll show her
This is such a beautiful poem. I perceive that you are hurting, but your girlfriend or wife is so sweet that she almost has a heart made of chocolate, that whenever you are around her or when she says something all of your discomfort just disappears. What an interesting way of putting such a sweet heart in such perspective. Take Care! Stay Strong! :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Deron Alexis

4 Years Ago

nice interpretation thanks for reading

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Added on November 21, 2013
Last Updated on November 21, 2013
Tags: Love, Romance, crush


Deron Alexis
Deron Alexis

Cunupia village, Caroni, Trinidad and Tobago

Been gone from writers cafe a while. Dunno if im back for good. Im hoping im not as much of a little s**t as my 16 year old self was. Lets see how this goes i guess more..


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