A Poem by DIVYA

Your tresses like swift storms
Run riot on your face
Like Medusa's darkest snakes

Your tresses like thick twine
Encircle me like chains
In a sweet bondage of pain

Your tresses like soft rain
Drench my fevered skin
Splashing beasts in me awake

Your tresses like raw silk
Bruise my love struck heart
Yet tangled, I yearn to remain

© 2018 DIVYA

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The repetition of the first two words in every first line of your stanza's is very effective. "tresses" was a good word choice for that.

I also like that it's not drawn out while still feeling complete. Most people use too many words or not enough of the right words. You don't have either of those problem's with this.

The ending was kinda sappy though. But I might just think that because I'm kind of cold emotionally.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Demers David

1 Week Ago

Who are you and why are commenting on this thread? I can see you're trying to be pretentiously rele.. read more
Demers David

1 Week Ago

VALORMORE DE PLUME.... delete your comment if you want - but I will remember you. "things" like yo.. read more


Another gently romantic poem, Divya. Full of longing and also the contrasting emotions that longing evokes in the heart and mind.

I like the idea you have used; the symbolism of being entangled in the locks of a lover, wanting to break free but also wanting to remain in its protective cocoon. Love and relationships are quite often like fall or not to fall? To leave or stay? It's the complex thought process of the self protective mind.

Some lovely lines in this one as always. While also giving me a reminder that i do myself need to have my own tresses cut! Long overdue!

Nicely conceived.

Posted 5 Days Ago

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5 Days Ago

Poetry draws often so deeply from the subconscious as you said it here, my friend, by referring to t.. read more

4 Days Ago

Always welcome.
You always give something out of my imagine.....that too in a splendid way! How I had thought of thinking bout tress and the beauty of hair if hadn't been here!
Great penned D😇

Posted 6 Days Ago

Love this poem. Moving and descriptive. Nicely done.

Posted 6 Days Ago

It’s hard to be in any type of situation where we are the middle man, taking on someone else’s stresses and “darkness” so to speak

If this is a poem written about your personal life, not to pry, but be careful staying in relationships or situations like this.... they can become toxic... and you’ll become the “stress” to another persons life too... if that makes any sense

Very neat write.
Simple subject, with depth and strong meaning

Posted 1 Week Ago

very much sweet and endearing poem shows that hair is the crown of glory and all its richness embraced.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Beautiful poetic and flowing like a gentle rose on a river of sweet milk. Delightful seductive and bit sad at the end.

Posted 1 Week Ago

wow, i really like this , and the repetition of the subject at each first line... lovely :)

Posted 1 Week Ago

I feel a Love for God, shaped within the body of this adored beloved, total adoration and abandonment to Him, Your words were to me a description of this Deity who take You heart, Your breath, and everything of You, away in a bittersweet grace... from You, I always expect a unique theme and style.

Posted 1 Week Ago

I like the poem because it has a show don't tell quality. I got a little confused on the bondage of pain line.

Nice writing with good descriptions. :)

Posted 1 Week Ago

an absolutely great write as is, & true... change it or leave it, I guess that is what poets do.... Neville

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Added on June 12, 2018
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A Poem by DIVYA


A Poem by DIVYA

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