Ongoing Serial Saga of the Sisters Slothang

Ongoing Serial Saga of the Sisters Slothang

A Story by C.M. Hoisington

Young twin sisters drop into an adventure during a shopping trip.


Sophina and Peytonia Slothang are twin sisters. They’re not identical though. If one saw them and came to know them there would be no mistakes as to who was who. 6 years is their age at the beginning of our saga, and they were about to begin 1st grade when their little lives spun off in an adventurous direction no one could ever have predicted. However, before the fateful event, it seems appropriate to give a bit of description. They are both Caucasian in decent and have very straight dirty blonde hair with summer highlights throughout, for they have never had even a trim of these lovely locks. Both have hazel eyes that lean more toward green than brown, and both have the most endearing little smiles anyone ever saw. Now by this description one might think they are the same, and of course they would be right for the most part, except that Sophina is slightly smaller than her sister, and her facial features are little sharper. Both are beautiful, but their personalities are very different. Peytonia is more articulate and flirty and much more capable of emotional manipulation; she will test her influence in a variety of ways. Where Sophina is a little more athletic, and dexterous, she learns physical abilities much more quickly, but she is headstrong and meets challenges with full force and no compromise. She will pound her little head against it if its not the way she wants, but she has the most delightful sense of humor.

On this day in particular the sisters are out with Mom and Gramma shopping for school stuff. The Mall was fairly busy with this kind of activity and they had been at it for a couple hours. Gramma and Mom had found their way into some conversation about one of the relatives and were preoccupied for the moment and the girls started looking for something interesting. Spying a circular hanging rack nearby they began to venture toward it. Mom had told them not to climb into the racks many times, because once she’d thought she lost them and asked a clerk to have them paged. They got in trouble when they climbed out of the rack right beside her. Forbidden ever to enter another clothing rack, they were drawn to this one as if by magic. It was filled with large especially bright colored sweaters that begged to be seen from the inside.

Sophina peeked back to see if anyone was watching, and saw Mommies mouth working words like it couldn’t go fast enough. In a flash they were inside; giggling at their own audacity, and delighted by the quiet closeness of the soft sweaters. It felt so good to be naughty sometimes. Slowly, as they hid inside, the giant sweaters began turning around them.

“What are you doing Soph?” Peytonia asked with a chuckle.

Sophina looked at her sister with eyes wide and a grin, but had no answer.

The sweaters spun faster. Peytonia started to get a little scared.

“Mommy is that you?” She called out, thinking maybe she was spinning it from the outside trying to scare them.

The sweaters spun even faster. Now there was a whooshing sound that accompanied the spin and the air inside the rack began to stir, lifting their hair up around their faces.

Sophina let out a primal scream, “STOOOOOOOOOOP!!!”.

It spun faster. The sisters clung to each other, scared for real now. They dare not try to get out for very obvious reasons. So they held on to their sister as tight as they could and squeezed their eyes shut. There in their own personal darkness they felt the floor disappear. They dropped freely for a moment until they struck a sloped surface covered with a smelly slime that offered no resistance. They slid off down the slope at a neck-break speed. Peytonia popped one eye open to see what was happening but all was dark. There were many twists and turns as they slid, and their rate of decent kept speeding faster, until finally they hit a flat spot. They slid along quickly for awhile under the force they had gathered, until the bottom dropped out again and they plopped into the nastiest, gooiest, stinkiest, ugliest, most revolting spludge any two girls ever plunged into.

Standing in the waist-deep spludge they wiped the slime away from their eyes and spit the brownish-green goo from their mouths. Their eyes looked at each other wide and white inside the chunk dripping slop that infiltrated their hair and clung to their skin. Sophina’s lunch erupted out through her mouth and spewed into the stream in which they stood. Peytonia turned away gagging on her own stomach contents trying not to follow suit. What she saw instantly drew her attention away from puking.


© 2009 C.M. Hoisington

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I really like this and what you have here. Everything seems to have hold in it's place. This is a well written story here. I like it so far.

Posted 8 Years Ago

The idea of the sweaters being a portal is a good one--it's unique. I also like your choice of unusual names. I feel you have a good and interesting beginning to a story here, albeit a little rough. No doubt you'll refine and revise as the work goes on.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on December 14, 2009


C.M. Hoisington
C.M. Hoisington

Portland, OR

I am a 45 year old man that has dreamed of being a writer his whole life, but did everything he could to avoid it. I have rid myself (or 'lost' if you will) all unnecessaries, and I live so simply no.. more..


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