A heartbeat in the sky

A heartbeat in the sky

A Poem by KJM

A poem.




I close my eyes, 

and listen, 

hear the whirring in the sky

I feel the bed beneath me, 

The plastic-hospital sheets 


The distinct sound of a helicopter, 

I hear before the others,

Ears tuned to pick it up much faster 

than the others.


I'll always remember 

That sound, the certainty I felt

My hero was still around me, though 

He wasn't there


The sound came from outside the glass, 

from a far off land,  like a knight and a dragon

Inside the children’s hospital 

my daddy was still with me


The steady sound of copter blades, 

Thumped throughout the sky. 

Resonant, yet silent to most unopened ears

They passed it off, yet it enclosed my heart

 I was still near my family, my dad was still with me

I my hero was at the end of them, 

Not too far away. 

Far enough, I couldn’t quite touch him.


My window was large, my heart was sore.

The glass was like a mirror, 

Expect it displayed a strange fantastical world


That sound was distinct, I picked it up in seconds.


I heard the heartbeat in the sky, 

And knew the pulse of someone up above, 

Needed my daddy’s help.


The steady beating of the copters blades is when I’d close my eyes,

A reminder that I was safe, that my hero was not far away


My hero had to be a hero, 

There were people that needed him 

kids like me, that needed saving.


The helicopter could be 

seen from outside,

 In the night sky, vast and ever reaching 


The orange helicopter sang.

Beating, steady and sure, 

like the beat of a strong heart 

It was a steady rhythm within the sky,

My heart would slow, and rest,

 I knew that you were out there, 

That hero's did exist

I was safe, 

far away my hero sat, 

conducting helicopters, strategically.


A plan was involved.


When I hear that sound, 

I remember that feeling.

And then sadness comes and roots itself, 

like a leach

Hero's fall.


Now I remember, you were once out there,

Protecting the world, when you couldn't be with me.


I was alone, in a hospital, with unfamiliar sounds.

It was my new home, 

my forced family 

my own soon-to-be inflicted pain.


I didn’t understand it, 

but I had to do it.

Just like you had to leave me, to save kids like me


You were far away, a kind of hero,

My understanding was good; you were a hero.


Saving people 

All over the Ontario they needed you

To me it was more amazing and most important 

Better than delivering presents all around the world in one night.


You were sort of like a superhero, you were my hero.

 Surgery was hard on me, but you and mom were there.

 You got me into Bloorview, I trusted you till the end.


The helicopters still beat throughout the sky,

 A stampede, steady and consistent.

 Safety would soon come after the stampeding.


My hero was in the sky.

But then my hero fell, his soul lost into a darkness 

Disipated, left alone--melted like a demon in the woods

I don't quite understand

Yet the helicopters beat-

The hearts of a new heros


© 2012 KJM

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"And then sadness comes and roots itself,
like a leach"----> a Perfect simile.

"Hero's fall" ......> a strong punch here...!

I simply love your writing....

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on November 8, 2012
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