A love Forgotten

A love Forgotten

A Poem by TinaSummer

I finally wrote a poem after a 5 month break.


I remember the way his lips tasted.

I remember our first kiss.

His lips were soft and tasted like strawberries.

I caressed his face as he held me by the waist.

He whispered in my ear, sweet nothings.

The summer air was cool enough for us.

He would kiss my nose and run his fingers through my hair.

I miss him 

I miss the person I fell in love with.

This man, this imposter isn’t him. He not the sweet as candy, baseball loving, man i knew

He drinks, he swears. He lies. He’s a monster. A devil in disguise.

But at the same time he’s an angel.
I think he's forgotten me
at least the person I used to be
maybe this is what loneliness feels like
maybe this is what it feels like to be forgotten
I don't recognize the hand prints on the window or the shallow wet footprints on the bathroom floor.
I don't want our love to be a love forgotten
I don't want to wait for time to pass by and not see the light
I want him to see that our love was once pure
not tainted like the soil we walk on.
I want him to remember what it felt like to love
to hold me
kiss me
love me

© 2016 TinaSummer

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Real love doesn't forget and will change the very nature of the individuals that it touches. A forgotten love was never a real love.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on November 21, 2016
Last Updated on November 21, 2016