They're Starting A War

They're Starting A War

A Chapter by TinyWriter

Tes sat in her tent, the cold midnight air sending shivers up and down her spine as hot tears streamed down her cool cheeks, causing the slightest bit of warmth. How is Riley going to act around me now? How should I act around her? She thought. They were best friends before they ever became girlfriends so the thought of going back to that sounded weird and wrong. She couldn't help but think back on how they first met. Riley had been running late and ran into Tes and got coffee all over her favorite jacket. Love at first sight. Tes thought.

She was brought out of her thoughts when the alarm on her watch went off, causing her to jump. "S**t." She mumbled while catching her breathe. She put on a coat and unzipped the tents opening, feeling the air get a bit more crisp and cool. The fire was still going so she decided to sit beside it and think a bit more. As she looked around, she noticed Alex and Jackie were sound asleep and she was comforted by that. Something about being alone and being able to think soothed her. 
That's when she noticed how much she missed Riley already, but sometimes, you just have to let them go. The warmth of the fire caused her eyes to grow heavy and it soon became to much, so she layed down on the grass and rested her head on her arm. Slowly falling asleep.

Jackie was wide awake. She couldn't stop pondering about what tonight had held. Riley was mad at her for something that happened a long time ago considering it had been awhile since they last saw each other. That and Tes ended it with Riley. That poor girl. She's to good for Tes. Riley deserves better. She's kind, sweet, loving, a bit temperamental at times, but she was a good person. Tes can be such a b***h. She hasn't thought this through. Jackie thought. 

She looked to her right at the sleeping form of her girlfriend. "Girlfriend." Jackie whispered. She loved the way that sounded. She would follow Alex anywhere. She was leaning down, but lost her balance as a small vibration sent her down to the ground, followed by a loud boom. "What the f**k?" She got up and went outside to see Tes up and facing the woods. "What was that?"

"An explosion. I saw the mushroom cloud."

"S**t. Which way?"

"Where Riley and the guys went."

"Oh s**t. Oh no. Get some shoes on, we are going after them. I have to get Alex." She said while running back into her tent. 

Tes was about to go to her tent until she heard a very familiar voice scream out from a little ways into the woods. "Vick!" That's Riley Tes thought before getting her shoes on and running back out, just to be stopped by Jackie. 

"You stay here with Alex. I'll follow the the sounds."


They heard the scream again, "No!" Before there was a gunshot.

"I used to run track, I'll get there faster. Get the car ready. I'll be back in ten." That's all Jackie said before sprinting in the direction of the chaos.

It started to pour down and her surroundings were getting more and more difficult to navigate, but she knew she was going straight. That's when the loud explosions seemed to be on repeat and she was heading right to them, or vise verse. She saw a dark figure that looked to be flying through the air before hitting a tree, but it was far. She lost focus and tripping over something. After hitting the muddy ground and getting the mud all over her face, she turned to see John on the ground, clutching his leg. "John! Are you alright?"

"We were attacked."

"Where's Vick and Riley?"

"I don't know. I passed out for a minute there."

"Can you walk?"

"I don't think so."

"John!" A man's deep voice boomed. 

"Vick! Over here!"

They were met with a familiar face and brown eyes. Jackie noticed blood covering Vick's face and knuckles. "I need you to get John back to camp and into the car. I have to find Riley. Alex will kill me if anything happens to her."

"Got it. But you better hurry back."

"What attacked you?" She asked while helping Vick get the man back on his feet and supported around Vick's shoulder. "A man with a gun. He had to be Russian."

They were interrupted by the ground shaking violently, sending all of them to the ground. As soon as it became bearable to walk, Vick struggled to get back to the camp. Jackie looked around and saw a figure being dragged. "Riley!" She shouted as she ran towards the attacker. She tackled him to the ground, knocking the gun out of his hand, but struggling to over power him as he was now on top of her. 

"Zdes'!" The man screamed.

S**t. He's warning them. Riley thought as she crawled over to the gun and aimed it at the mans head. "Otstan' ot neye!" She shouted for the man to get off of her. He didn't listen so she shot him. The bullet going through his neck as he hit the ground and started to twitch. Jackie crawled over and layed beside Riley. Their forms sinking into the mud. "Thanks." Jackie said out of breath.

"Dido." Riley said.

"We have to get back to camp."

"Wait." Riley said.

"What?" Jackie said while helping Riley up, noticing the gun wound.

"The people that attacked us, they speak Russian. They are starting a war."

 "What do you mean she ran into the woods?" Alex questioned. 

"There was really no stopping her. She was determined to get Riley."

"Wait. Riley is out there too?"

"With Vick and John."

"F**k! I have to go after them."

"You're not thinking right. That might be the worst thing you can do. They'll be back."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because Jackie and Riley are the toughest people I know."

"How much longer?" Riley asked. 

"I'm not sure, your damn injury is slowing us down."

"Oh. I'm sorry. I mean I wouldn't be losing all of this blood if it weren't for Vick trying to play hero!" Riley snapped.

"I didn't mean it like it was your fault."

"The f**k you didn't!" Riley supported herself as she slowly walked through the woods. "F*****g b***h."

"I'm sorry Riley, I'm just stressed."

"And I'm not? We just faced a f*****g Russian and the world is going to s**t! You are not the only person that f*****g matters Jackie! I know we've never seen eye to eye, but that was uncalled for."

"No. You haven't seen eye to eye with me. I don't know why you don't like me."

"You really don't remember?" Riley stopped while placing most of her weight on her right leg while clutching her aching hip. "You stole the woman I loved from me."


"No. My best f*****g friend. I fell for her the moment I saw her. I told you how much I liked her and you told me to go for it. Than you go and just go after and woo her yourself."

"Riley. I'm- I'm so sorry. I was different back then."

"I was just another idiot that fell for my best friend. Tes was the one person that got me up from the slumps that I was in. That's why we hit it off so quickly, but now I don't even have her. You're very lucky. Alex is the girl that you end up marrying, I am happy that she is happy. But I will never f*****g forgive you for what you did."

Jackie was done taking Riley's s**t. "Just face it Riley. I'm the better pick. You said it yourself, I make her happy. I'm sorry that I made the move before you grew a pair. You need to move on."

This caused Riley to steam. She ran over to Jackie and clocked her right in the nose than jumped on her, ignoring her own wounds and giving her a right hook. "F**k you!" Their fight was interrupted by screaming coming from close by.



They said in unison as they put their differences aside for the moment and got to the camp as fast as they could.

© 2017 TinyWriter

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A Chapter by TinyWriter