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Nikki and Ada have been internet friends for awhile, but have never actually met. That is until the surprise that helps Nikki and Ada get closer.

Nikki got home after a long day to her dog chewing on her brand new couch. "Chewey! Stop!" The small pit bull looked at his owner and got happy. "That's not the reaction I was looking for." She said before having her dog hop on her and lick her face. She laughed a little bit. "Alright there buddy, get down. You gotta go potty?" This got the dogs full attention as he wagged his tail at full speed. She walked over to her back sliding door and let him out to do his business, keeping it open for when he came back out. She got Chewey after moving away from her old place. She shared a dog and two cats with her roommate, and just couldn't take them away from him." She moved to a small studio apartment in Downtown St. Louis. Close to The Grove, it was expensive, but worth the area. She went to her kitchen and placed her Android phone on the counter before turning the lights on and going to get her leftover Chinese food. She heard a vibration coming from the small device on to her right. The name on her screen made her smile. 

Hey booberry! How was your day?

Nikki really did like that nickname, but was never good at this part. Texting a girl you like. Even when you know for a fact she likes you back. It's a curse. 

It was alright. Really slow. Came home to Chewey chewing my couch. I'm really starting to think I should've put two and two together before adopting ha. How about you?"

'God Nikki, why the hell are you so damn proper!' She thought before grabbing her Chinese from the microwave and pulling out the chair. Eating with her right hand and texting with her left. 

It was really hectic actually. Wish I could tell you more, but that would ruin the surprise.

Wait, what? What surprise? I hate those. You know that.

Yeah, I do, but this is gonna be good. I promise. I miss you and love you!

There she goes again. The emotions. Nikki isn't a robot or anything, she's very emotional. But she has a hard time expressing it. Especially over text. It doesn't help that these two haven't even met yet. They skype, but that's a lot different compared to in person. "Think Nikki." She said to herself. 

Can't wait! Literally, I can't. I need to know Ada, the suspense is already killing me. Can you at least tell me when I'll get it? I miss and love you too.'

That. That right there is what she hated. She put more effort in the rest of the text instead of the most important part.

About 5 min. Give or take.

She finished eating and cleaned up before getting in her gym shorts and shirt. Not that she actually goes to the gym, they are just super comfy. She was sat on the couch and was about to turn the TV on before she heard a light knock on the front door. Chewey ran up and started growling like he always does. "Get back weirdo." She chuckled before looking through the peep hole and her knees grew weak. "Ada?" She whispered.

"Holy s**t. She's here Chewey. She's actually here. What should I do." She paused at that question. "Really dumb a*s? Open the door. Just be smooth" She stopped talking to herself before unbolting the lock and the door opened. The wind caused her hair to cover her face. 'So much for smooth.' She moved it out of the way and was shocked at the beauty in front of her. 
"Hey Nikki! Surprise!" She shouted excitedly. 
"Yo- You go- You got me! Hey girl hey!" 'Really Nikki? Get it together.' She thought, but this earned a small laugh out of the girl in front of her. "Sorry, get in here, its windy out there." She moved aside and shut the door before locking it and and attempting to adjust her hair the best she could and turned around to see Ada taking in her Studio. 
"Nice place! Very, modern ha."
"Um, thanks. My sister did a lot of the decorating actually." There was a weird silence before they smiled and finally hugged each other. 
"Sorry to ask you this right away, but where's your bathroom? I've had to pee the whole drive here."
"Jesus that's a long time. It's straight ahead to the left, under the stairs."
"Cool, be right back."
"I'll be right here." She face palmed on that one. Ada was shorter than she thought. She let Nikki know her height but it's different seeing it in person. It was kinda cute. That's when it soaked in. Ada is here and she had no plan on what to do. 'Netflix and chill? Oh f**k Nikki, don't go there, you aren't together. You could be tho, if you took the step.' Her internal struggle was interrupted by the brunette walking back to where she left the blue haired girl, still by the door with wide eyes. 
"You alright there? I played this part out a lot in my head and this was definitely one of them haha. Not the one I was wanting, but still a good one known the less."
"I like your accent." Nikki said randomly. Ada didn't have that much of an accent, but there was one there and she's always loved it. Sure it was a little out of place to say now, but what can ya do. 
She still laughed though. "Yeah you mentioned that." 
"I'm sorry, I just, this is the last thing I ever thought would happen."
"What can I say, I'm a woman of my word." She said with a wink.
'She winked, what is that saying? God, stay out of your head Nikki.' "Ha yeah, that you are. Um, did you want a tour of the apartment?"
"I'd love that."
"Cool. Well. Let's just walk ha. To the left is the living room. I'm usually not in there unless friends are over. Then to the right is the kitchen. I always seem to be in there ha. Up those stairs just leads to my bedroom. No walls, so it makes it like an adventure. Then under the staircase is my filming area. Oh and the bathroom which you already know." She ended up between the kitchen and the living room. "It's small, but its something I can actually call mine. Oh, and this is Chewey." She pointed down as the brunette looked down into brown doggy eyes. 
"Hey there little guy! You're so cute."
"I don't know how tired you are, but I was about to watch Netflix. If you wanted to join?"
"Um, is the sun hot."
"Haha I'll take that as a yes. Come on, we can finally watch Frozen."
Ada gasped and ran to the couch, making herself at home. Nikki loved the sight of that. It was halfway through and Nikki took notice of Ada asleep with her head on the armrest. She kept the movie going and grabbed the blanket from the top of the couch they were on before covering the girl up. "I'm glad your'e here Ada. Goodnight." She kissed the girls forehead. "I really do love you." She turned the lights off, and went upstairs before falling asleep on her bed.
Ada smiled and pulled the blanket up higher. "I love you too Nikki."

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Author's Note

I was texting this girl and just figured I do a little one shot. I guess I should text her back, I haven't since I started this. Or maybe I shouldn't. She's in New York right now and I don't know the time difference.

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Added on March 25, 2017
Last Updated on March 25, 2017
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