Dreams and Reality

Dreams and Reality

A Chapter by TinyWriter

The blonde moaned as Kiara pumped her two fingers in and out of her womanhood, back arching, sharp claw like nails digging into the woman above's back, blood dripped from the shallow gashes. An animistic groan escaped her lips, her breathing was becoming more uneven, a smirk played upon the women's lips, going faster with each thrust. Kiara looked to satisfy the burning fire in both there slick folds. The blonde woman latched on to Kiara's shoulder blades nails, penetrating deeper with each quiver as she rode her orgasm. Her scream ripped from her throat echoing in unison with Kiara's breathless grunt, the sound of there satisfaction penetrated the room they lay in at the end of the hall through the thick bulky double doors. 

Kiara's mouth hot on the woman's ear she bit down playfully smirked and pumped in once more curling her fingers up, hitting a spot that sent the woman into another fit of spasms. Chest heaving the blonde ran her finger through Kiara's blood red hair relishing in it's softens and the faint scent of her iron works, brown eyes met those of two colors lighting blue and hazel. Their lips met as the blonde moaned happily in her mouth.

Kiara dropped down beside her, moving damp bangs that stuck to her forehead. They lay there, stark naked and trying to catch their breathe.  

"Wow. That was... Wow." The woman said breathlessly, hand over her eyes relishing in the sensations still fresh her body. Kiara switched from laying on her back to rolling on her side to admire the woman opposite to hers ample bust. Even gliding a hand toward her and stroking the girls flat stomach, creating a content smile to form on her face.

"Yeah." Kiara stated then swiftly got up and began gathering her clothing, black pants and a dark green shirt that was a tad bit to large.       

"Where are you going?" The blonde asked while supporting her weight on her elbows.

"I don't really do the whole cuddling thing." She said in her slight English accent. "Cuddling leads to emotions, emotions lead to weird feelings in my stomach, then that turns into. Well... Certain words that just won't come out of my mouth." She said smiling and putting her small dagger in her boot. "Trebblie trouble all that. But you were amazing. We'll do it again some time yeah?"

The girl gave a weak smile not from disappointment but exhaustion , a light blush formed on her pale features at the proposal of them doing "it" again."See ya soon Fiona."

She remembered my name. The blonde thought before falling back on the bed flustered.

Kiara shut the door and saw her two best friends and bodyguards. Danni and Clea. "Hello lovely's!" She said with a wide smile that showed perfectly white teeth. Her mother's blessed her with perfect looks and a sarcastic, smart a*s attitude, that often made life a bit more of a hassle to the authorities and her aunt.

"Another one for your books?" Danni asked while levitating a ring around the spaces of her fingers. She stood up revealing  her full height. She was 6' 3". Her wavy black hair stopped just above her color bone.

"What can I say? I just can't resist women and as fate would have it they cant resist yours truly." Kiara smiled a tad smugly.

"Are you sure you can't just stand the loneliness of a day without laying someone." Clea said. Her short brunette hair was messy and bangs were covering the right side of her face.

"Jeez Clea. I'm not so cruel to deny a physically deprived woman my skills. Besides, how can I be lonely with you two by my side?" She said while they headed down the stairs and towards the door that led out to Hayland.

As soon as they stepped from inside the empty tavern, Kiara put her hand to her eyes to block the sun that was shining down. "Why is it always so damn hot outside!"She complained.

"Ask mother nature am sure she'll change it for you right quick if you ask nicely." Clea quipped.

"Clea, can you not be so... Clea for like five seconds." Kiara asked. A playful tone in her voice.

"Well if I did that, you wouldn't love me as much."

"True." She went to her armory to find one of her weapons missing this has happened before but this weapon in particular could not simply be replaced, Kiara could feel a cold sweat coming on as her heart dropped into her stomach. "What the hell?"

"What is it?" Danni asked

"My mother's Dragon Tail. It’s....Gone." She said, frantically looking around the small room."Okay, now before you go and do something stupid-" Danni couldn't finish her sentence before the redhead was charging through the door and running around the town shoving anyone in her way, she was running so fast anyone that she had past only saw a flash of red. She skid to a stop in the middle of one of the courtyards and looked around her eyes darted about for even a shimmer of her mothers old weapon, her legs felt heave and her lungs slightly burned, heart racing from her running and the growing anger boiling over her previously good mood. 

The thief couldn't have gotten far, and with a weapon like that, they would be easy to spot, yet worry and rage wouldn’t stop gnawing at her. Just as she was talking herself out of committing a village wide homicide in search of the Dragon Tails something bright blinded her for a split second as she rubbed her eyes in irritation they refocused and Kiara’s squinted gaze fell on the target of her hunt Dragon Tails.

The thief had it strapped to there back just ahead of her, a grin broke out across her face. Kiara began running up to them but just as her hand was about to rest on the handle of the old War relic she heard a scream from deep within an alley way. The redhead gritted her teeth and watched as her mothers only keepsake to her faded into the crowd along with it’s thief. With a quick look to the sky and an apology to Krea she rushed down the alley the scream of distress originated from. What she found was exactly what she had expected two men were holding a woman against the wall. They may be in a village with a low crime rate but there was no shortage of scum bag men anywhere in the world. 

Kiara could take them head on, but what's the fun in that, looking around she noticed the buildings to the left and right connect right over the men and squirming woman. She ran to the left wall and boosted up using her right foot, grabbing onto the ledge of the building she swung the rest of her body onto the balcony and once again repeated the moves prior to reach the roof. Kiara quick stepped a little ways across the roof top and stopped when she heard whimpering. She looked down and noticed one of the men kissing the girl's neck as the other pushed her face away no doubt creating multiple bruises on the hard stone wall the woman fought to be let go, his grease and rough looking face inches from her chest. ”SICKENING.”

Kiara’s anger was beginning to resurface and it boiled completely over as the men tore the girls top almost clean off Kiara’s pupils enlarged as her different colored eyes turned to ice blue and amber brown. Grabbing the dagger from her boot the redhead lunged off the roof and with the full force of her fall buried the dagger to the hilt into the mans shoulder twisting it at the end of her momentum. She felt the muscle and to her satisfaction the bone rip, crack, and tare. Blood coated her face across her right eye to her left cheek, he cried out in pain letting go of the girl as he worked in white hot pain to remove the dagger lodges in his very bone. The second beastly man let the woman go and connected a hard right hook that sent Kiara flying against the right wall of the alley, the air was taken out of her lungs by the force, her attacker came charging to continue the assault but lifting her arm the redhead land a fire ball at the mans face. He clutched his face as the scent of burning flesh filled the air, she heard a grunt of pain come from the previously stabbed man it seemed he had dug the dagger out and was looking to return the favor. Kiara’s reflexes were to slow as her lungs desperately tried to absorb some air, as the man was over her ready to strike a foot slammed into his manhood making him crumble to the ground and as his form fell Kiara saw the woman that had been attacked standing and shakily breathing. The redhead looked shocked but then smiled as she dusted herself of and slightly coughed. ”You couldn't have done that before?" Kiara asked with a small smile.

"Thank you." The girl said. Ignoring Kiara’s previous statement. The redhead nodded, standing there for a few quiet moments before she noticed how the woman before her averted her gaze and had her arms wrapped around herself, Kiara took off her shirt putting it on the other woman who let out a surprised yelp from the sudden action. The redhead grinned widely as she started escorting the woman from the alley bare chest and not a damn to give that she was, as they reached the end of it the saved woman ran over to a market across from where they stood and dashed back with a shirt for herself and handed Kiara’s back to her, the redhead excepted it gratefully.  

“So what's your name?"

"You want to know my name?"

"Of course! I mean, I could just make up a name, but I was never good at that."

"Lily. Lily Rivera."

"That's a beautiful name Lily." The two girls studied each other. Green eyes meeting blue and Hazel. Lily hadn't noticed previously because of the darkness of the alley but her savior had different and admittedly beautiful eyes, something about them seemed familiar like she's seen those colors before in pairs.

"Wow. Your eyes are... Amazing. How are they two different colors?" Lily asked.

"I'm not sure. I always thought it just adds to my charm." She gave a cocky smile.

"You look very familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?"

Kiara thought on this. She had many relationships with woman, but she would've remembered one like her. Beautiful blonde curly locks that went down to her shoulder blades. Green eyes that looked like a rainy forest, and pearly white skin. Just beautiful. "I don't think so. I mean, I would have remembered a woman of such beauty.”

“So you're a flatterer. I bet you do that to all of the woman you try and get with.”the blonde chuckled before playfully pushing her.

Kiara mocked hurt and put a hand on her chest. “I. Would. Never.” She said smiling. They stared at each other for a long time before Lily broke the silence.

“So, I kind of owe you my life.”

“I wouldn't go that far.”

“Okay well I owe you something.”

“A simple thank you and a promise to see you again will do.”

Lily smiled. “Thank you. And I promise to see you again.”

“Can I walk you home?”

“I'd like that.” They exited the alley way. “So mystery girl, what is it that you do?”

“A lot of things.”

“Come on. Give me something.”

Kiara sighed in defeat. “Well apart from working as a black smith, I guess you can say I'm a trouble maker.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. Not like bad or anything. Me and my friend Marcus don't really have a lot of entertainment so we make the best out of what we got.”

“Well it's obvious that you have a good heart because you saved me.”

“How could I not?”

“I saw people just walking passed me. No one even blinked an eye. What you did was very rare.”

“I'm just glad you're okay.” Kiara said.

Lily side stepped in front of the redhead and stopped her by putting her palm against the girls abdomen. She couldn't help but be in awe at what she felt. She couldn't tell if the skin was soft due to the cloth, but the muscle tone was astonishing. She felt an urge to rip the woman's shirt off and just have her there.

Kiara noticed her gawking and couldn't help but to smile. Lily blushed after being caught. “Sorry, but this is where I live.” She said backing away just a bit and dropping her arm to her side.

Kiara looked around and noticed how small the home was. It felt oddly familiar too her, but she couldn't shake the feeling of feeling like she was home. “Nice place. Do you live alone?”

“Yeah. My mom insisted that I stay with her, but I said I wanted to be independent. She visits from time to time.”

“Where does she stay?”

“Oh she's here and there. Never really in one place or too long.” Lily barely knew this girl and didn't want to scare her off by telling her that her mom was the Queen of Anderfell.

“I wish I could travel. My aunt never lets me leave this town.”


“Things that happened to my parents in the past.”

“What happened?”

“They passed away shortly after I was born.” Kiara didn't want to give to much away, no one is too know that she is the daughter of Krea and Alexandra.

“I'm so sorry.” Lily looked around and Kiara could tell she didn't want to leave, but had no choice.

“You should get inside, it'll get dark soon.”

“Yeah. But I'm sticking to my promise.”

“Oh yeah?”


“When and where?”

“Come by my place tomorrow. I'll make us some diner and we can talk.”

“What time?”


“I'll be here at three thirty.” Kiara smiled, blushing at how stupid that sounded, but Lily seemed to love it.


The redhead turned to walk away, but heard Lily's angelic voice call out. “I never got your name!”

“My name Is Kiara.” She said smiling and walking away.

Lily's face went pale as the memories came flooding back. She shut her wooden door and slid down with her back against it. “Kiara?” Than she remembered the stories her mother, Christina used to say. “There is no way.” She mumbled. She quickly packed a bag and ran out of the door to where the Cao kingdom once was. The newest addition to the Anderfell's. She needed answers. If this was really Queen Alexandra and Krea's daughter, she was in danger.

Kiara was walking back when she saw a familiar weapon in someones hand. She looked to see the face and it was her childhood friend Marcus. His dark brown locks slicked back and blue eyes piercing into hers. “Lose something?”

“How the hell?” Lily really clouded her thoughts. “Thank you Marcus. I don't know how he slipped my mind. I was chasing this man and than I heard a woman screaming and kind of got distracted?”

“You are just like your mother Krea. You have to be the knight in shining armor.” Marcus was the only one who knew about Kiara's past. They were like siblings, much like Malcolm and Krea.

“Shh. Keep your voice down.” She said while looking around.

“Sorry.” He smiled before handing her the swords. “Where's Danni and Clea?”

“Probably out searching for me. I kind of just ran off.”

“Roux's going to be pissed.”

“I know and you're going to be there when she screams at me.”

“I'm always with you Kiara.” He smiled before they started for their home. “So... Tell me about this girl.”

Lily had been running for many miles before she finally came to the gates of Anderfell. She didn't hesitate going to the front and shouting out to the guardsman. “It's Lilith! I'm here to see my mother! It's urgent.”

“Let her in quickly!” A man shouted.

Lily ran into the castle doors and up the long stairway that led to where her mother would be. She opened them to see an aged woman in her armor and now grey hair up in a bun. “Lily!” She said happily. “How are you me sweet girl? You look worried.”

“I need answers mother.”


“It's about Krea and Alexandra.”

Christina looked a bit surprised, but sat back, waiting for the questions. “I don't know much about Alexandra apart from our... Agreement in the war many years ago, but by all means sweety, ask away.”

“Is it true that their child died before the battle against child? That she died from a sickness?”


“So she lives?”

“Yes. She lives with her aunt Roux in Hayland. I'm guessing you know her?”

“I might. Does she have red hair and two different eye colors? Hazel and blue?”


“What was her name?”

The woman took a deep breathe. “Kiara Bu.”

“Why didn't you ever tell me?”

They were interrupted when a woman in her forties walked in with a smile on her face at the sight of the younger woman. “Lily! How are you?” Her voice said with pure joy. “What brings you?”

“Hello Jordan. I just came here for some answers.”

“You sound serious. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Yeah get my mother to tell me the truth.”

“What about?”

“Did you know Kiara is alive!?”

Jordan looked taken back a bit. “Kiara? Krea and Alex's child?”

“Yeah. Do you know her?”

“Not very well. I was her parents best friend. Where is she?”

Christina huffed out in defeat. “Hayland. With her aunt Roux.” Tears filled Jordan's eyes. “I think we all need to talk.”

“What the hell were you thinking?! Running off like that! After a dangerous thief for that matter! You can be so stupid sometimes!”

“I'm sorry Roux. It was all in the moment and it happened really fast.”

“What made you stay out all day and night?!”

“I got distracted.”

“By what?!”

“A girl.” Marcus cut in. Kiara gave him a look that could kill.

“Oh?” Roux said a bit more calmly. “And who is this... Girl.”

“Well. Her name is Lily and she is so beautiful. Blonde hair, green eyes and she has legs for days!”

“Lily? What is her last name?”

“Does it matter?” Roux was silent and just continued to give a worried stare. “Fine! Her name is Lily Ravera. Damn Roux. Are you happy now?”

“She sounds wonderful. Beautiful name.” Roux smiled although inside she was freaking out. Krea had spoken of a girl that saved her from Charlie names Lily. She couldn't jump to conclusions. “When can I meet her?”

“Roux. I just met her, I don't think it will be anytime soon.”

Roux took a deep breathe. “Look. I don't want you leaving Danni or Clea's side again. Got it?”

“Got it.” Kiara said defeated before walking upstairs to her bedroom and onto the back patio.

She looked around and set her eyes to the moon. “Hey moms.” She started. “It's been awhile since I talked to you two. I've been kind of... Distracted? I don't know. There's this girl and her name is Lily. I only just met her today, but she is all that I can think about. Is this how you felt when you met each other? Maybe not I mean you were kids then, but with her it feels like I don't have to hide, like I can tell her everything. Why do I have to stay a secret. I want the whole world to know who my parents are. Krea, I remember you giving me memories of your adventures, but as I get older, the less I remember. It's all a dream and it's fading. That scares the s**t out of me. I don't want to forget you two. I love you guys and miss you so much.” She felt an unfamiliar heat on her chest and noticed that it was her necklace turning a shade of red. “What the hell?” She looked around and noticed a figure standing in the woods a few yards away from her home. It was dark, so she couldn't see much, but it was a female, fairly young. Her blue eyes and blonde hair were the only details that stood out in the darkness. She hurled over the rail and landed on her feet, thankful at her agility. She ran up to the woman who stood unmoving.


Kiara stopped in her tracks at that voice. “Krea?”

“Don't go near her.”

She looked around and noticed no one. “Where are you?”

“In your head. That is not a good person.”

“Who is she?”

“My mother.”


“She's here to take revenge and finish what she started.”

Kiara looked at the figure who was becoming more visible. She had a vague resemblance to her mother Krea. “This can't be real.”

“This is your warning Kiara. Don't take it lightly.”

“You are in danger sweety.” Another woman said.


“Yes honey. Please listen to Krea. Things are going to change for you, stay safe. Trust no one.”

“It's time to wake up Kiara.” Krea's voice said sounding more and more distant.

“No please don't leave me! Not again.” Kiara said through tears.

“We love you Kiara.”

Kiara woke up in a cold sweat. Taking in her surroundings. The dream she had filling her thoughts. “S**t.” She didn't know what was the dream and what was reality.

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