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She saw Julian sitting in front of a TV with the news on and joined him. "That was intense. What's the news saying?" "Nothing about that crash. Something about a sickness or something. I don't know."


Riley's alarm went off as the song "Can't Stop The Feeling" rang through her studio apartment. She rolled over and hit snooze as she lye there for a moment. Thinking about the the day before. Her promotion slipping through her fingers... Again. She picked up her phone and dismissed the other four alarms that were set. "Come on Ry. You can do it." She said to herself.

"Do what?" A soft voice came from beside her.

Riley turned around to see a brunette with sleepy eyes looking at her. "Morning Cort."

The woman stretched and let out a yawn before looking at the red head beside her. Her blue eyes looking into her own brown. "Is it about yesterday?"

Riley just nodded before using her middle finger and thumb to remove a few strands of hair from Cort's eyes. "Yeah. I mean, how embarrassing, ya know? Everyone thought I was a shoe in."

"Well you are. They are idiots for choosing whats her face. I mean think about it. Chief Riley Bailey. It has a nice ring to it."

Riley chuckled at this. "Yeah ha, I guess it does." She paused for a moment. "Are you hungry?" The brunette was about to answer but was cut off by Riley's phone blaring. "This is Bailey"

Cort couldn't hear anything the other person was saying but knew it was Riley's boss. She decided to go downstairs and start making breakfast. She was about to put the turkey bacon on when Riley came in dressed in her uniform. A black buttoned up shirt, with a strip on both arms. The patch of Mercy hospital on each sleeve.

"Your'e getting called in early?"

"New chiefs orders."

"What an a*s." Cort said feeling a bit disappointed.

"How about dinner tonight? We'll go out to that one fancy place you like."

"Frankie's is hardly fancy." The woman smiled.

"Fancier than a fast food joint."


"I'll call you when I'm done. I promise." Riley leaned over the counter and gave the girl a kiss. "I love you babe."

"Love you too Ry. Be careful."

"Always am." She was about to get in her car when her phone buzzed again. She got in and looked at the caller ID. 'Alex' "Hey girl what's up."

"Wish me luck."

"Um, good luck?"

"Gee put a little more umph in there next time."

"What am I wishing you luck for?"

"I'm fighting today."

"You know I hate you fighting. Isn't that underground s**t illegal?"

There was a pause on the other line before laughter erupted the silence. "Of course it's illegal ya dork!"

Riley couldn't help to laugh at her dumb question. "Okay wise a*s. Good luck. I mean it. Don't get hurt."

"Perks of having a best friend with medical training. Talk to ya later nerdo."

"By weirdo."

She looked at the time and silently cursed herself for not leaving sooner.

Alex was in the locker room, taping up her hands to get ready for the fight. "Hey champ." 

She turned around to see her best friend since she was a kid. "Dahl! What the hell are you doing here? Wait..." She looked around for a second before moving closer to him. "You're not here to arrest me are you?"

He laughed. "I don't condone this, but I'm here as your friend, not a cop."

"Don't say that too loud. S**t will get crazy if the wrong person hears that. Well, if anyone heard it I guess haha."

"Look I'm gonna get a good seat. Make sure to kick this girls a*s."

"Will do."

"He's not all that bad ya know." Julian said as Riley stopped at a red light.

"I don't like him."

"You're just saying that because he took your spot."


Their conversation was interrupted by the walkie going off. "We've got a major vehicle collision off Grand and 14th. Please respond."

"This is Baily and Tucker. On route now. Two minutes out."

"What a way to start the day." The sirens went off as they sped down the road towards the collision. It was a three car pile up. Three cop cars were surrounding the scene and another ambulance was on the way. After parking by the ruined cars, they hopped out and examined the damage. "How many victims?" Riley asked as she put on the gloves.

"Two in the first car, three in the other. There's a child in one and we haven't been able to move her. She looks to be severely injured." The cop finished.

"Julian, work on the first car." He did as he was told. Riley ran over to the turned over car and saw what she assumed to be the parents unconscious or dead. She went to the child first because she was conscious. "Hey there sweet heart. What's your name?"

The little girl looked terrified as tears rushed down her face. "Em- Emily."

"That's a beautiful name Emily. I'm Riley. I'm going to get you out of there okay?" The girl nodded. The other ambulance showed up and assisted Riley. "I need you to work on getting that door open and examine the parents. Hurry." She turned her attention back to the girl. "How old are you Emily?"


"Ten years old huh? Growing up fast." Riley finally got a good grip of the door and pried it open before crawling through. "What hurts?"

"My neck." Riley pulled out a needle and poked the girls side. "Did you feel that?"


"Okay. I'm going to cut this seat belt and make sure you don't fall okay?


"Do you trust me?" The girl just nodded. "Good. On the count of three."

"One... Two... Three." As soon as she got to the count as three she cut the belt with one hand and helped the girls fall with her other to lessen the impact. "Can you move honey?"

"No." This caused the little girl to panic. "Why can't I feel anything?"

"Just hold on, I'm gonna get you out of here." She got a good grip of the girl and dragged her out of the car.  

She got out and put the girl on her side while lifting up Emily's shirt. There was purple bruising on her ribs and down her spin. She looked at the other EMT's "Well?"



"What does that mean?" The girl asked. 

How can she tell this child that her parents are dead. "These nice people are going to take them to the hospital. Same place you are going." She looked over to her partner who was loading the other victims of the first car into the other ambulance. "I need a C-Spine and C-Collar ASAP." The others went to get the supplies she needed, as well as a gurney. 

Alex took another jab to the face. 'This girl is fast.' She thought before running and tackling the woman to the ground. She studied this girl. She's s****y when it comes to ground fighting. Alex was on top as she unloaded a series of punches to the woman's face and abdomen before grabbing her arm and rolling over. Putting her in an arm bar that made her scream in pain before tapping out. Alex nearly ripped the girls arm out of its socket. Yet she remained undefeated. Bruised, but undefeated. A few more fights and she could move on to bigger and better fights. 

The crowd went wild as she relished in the spot light. She gave a bright smile and small celebration in the ring before leaving the caged ring and headed towards the locker room. 

Riley got out of the back of the ambulance as the doctors started to take Emily. She grabbed her hand tightly.  "Female. Ten years old. A vertebral compression fracture, A cervical fracture and difficulty breathing from a vehicle collision. Parents DOS." She finished telling the doctors the girls conditions as they rushed her into the hospital. 

"We can take her from here." One of them said. 

"Please don't- leave- me." The girl struggled.

"Someone give her a damn bagging for her breathing." Another doctor ordered.

"You're in good hands Emily. I'll check on you later." She was stopped by a nurses hand on her abdomen as she let Emily's hand go.

"You know you can't go past those doors."

"Yeah. I know. Do your research on her. See what family she has."

"What about her parents?" The nurse asked. 

"They didn't make it out of the car."

Her phone started to buzz with a text from Cort. Hey babe! I made reservations for Fankie's. It's tonight at 7. Meet you there.

She smiled at that, but still couldn't help the sinking guilt she had for that child. 7 it is then. See ya there. 

She saw Julian sitting in front of a TV with the news on and joined him. "That was intense. What's the news saying?"

"Nothing about that crash. Something about a sickness or something. I don't know, there's no damn sound."

"This place is gonna be busy."

"Yeah that means we will too."

There was commotion in the lobby as gurney after gurney of sick people were being rolled through. Some with blood covering almost there whole bodies. "Bailey." The walkie came to life.

"Yeah Chief?" 

"We got code blue on our hands."

S**t. "We're on our way. Any details?"

"Someone went crazy and attacked a group of people. 5th and Big Bend. Get on it."

"Right away."

They ran back to the ambulance and put the sirens on. Making there way to the spot. There was something off. People running like chickens with there heads cut off, no one moving out of there way. Instead, speeding with them. They were crossing an intersection when a semi truck hit the passenger side and caused the vehicle to flip violently. She woke up to the sound of screaming. "What the f**k." She was upside down and felt a warm liquid on her forehead. She looked over to see her partner moving around. His seat belt failing to keep him in place. "Julian. You alright?" There was no response. "Julian!" She screamed. This got his attention as his head snapped up. His eyes were blood shot. As if chlorine had poured in them. He was foaming at the mouth like an enraged animal. "Julian?" He gave out a loud screeching noise before lunging the short distance between them. She quickly released her seat belt, just in time for him to miss her, instead, he hit his head on the door frame. She took this opportunity to take the needle out of her pocket and crawled to the passenger side door. Her back hitting the cold metal. "Stop it Julian! Please!" She cried out. Seeing one of best friends like this scared the life out of her. 

He got his attention back on her and crawled toward her. Riley kicked his face, causing him to daze. She grabbed his hair and stabbed him in the eye repeatedly until there was no movement from her once partner. She sat there for a few moments, trying to collect herself.

After a few minutes, she crawled out of the truck. Shattered glass from the window scratching at the weak skin of her palms, causing the skin to tear. The blood of her partner covered her face and uniform. All she could hear was a ringing sound, so sharp and loud it caused her eyes to water and shivers to run down her spine. Every now again she would look to see people running or chasing someone. She didn't know why. She was still accepting the fact of what just happened. She used the side of the over turned truck to get to her feet. Her legs felt like wet noodles. Her breathing was too quick. A gun shot that sounded like thunder got her out of her trance and she witnessed what was supposed to be the stuff for nightmares. A man that was shot in the chest, still running full speed towards the gunman. Tackling him and ripping the skin of his cheek with his teeth. She shut her eyes and counted. "1......2......"  

© 2017 TinyWriter

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