Indecisive Interpretation of an Imperfect Individual

Indecisive Interpretation of an Imperfect Individual

A Poem by Tyler J. Page

A poem about regret, change, and ultimately the power of love.


                       One way or the latter…

                       I’m stuck at this piercing red stop sign.

                       Where am I?

                       Questioning my crucial decisions as my mind wanders…

5                     I throw my crooked line in the water.

                       A brief moment of reflection,

                       To get my preference in collection.

                       Sitting in a traffic jam,

                       Stuck in my inconsistencies,

10                  I weigh out the possible outcomes.

                       Right is what my head is forcing.

                       It’s saying, “Take your s**t and never, ever look back.”

                       But left has my heart pleading.

                       It’s saying, “You love her, and your mind won’t account for that.”

 15                 I know right is not morally right;

                       I would simply be doing it out of greed.

                       Then I glance left,

                       And I see her evergreen eyes staring through the reflection…

                       I can leave, but what about the memories?

20                   A car beeps behind me;

                        It’s my time to go.

                       I prayed for help,

                       But God never answered.

                       No guidance;

25                   On my own,

                       That is the most difficult soul-searching.

                       Out of frustration I turn the wheel right,

                       And proceed down the self-loathing path of drugs, sex, and ultimately regret.

                      Then it struck me,

30                  Like Big Papi’s bat, it simply hit me...

                       No matter how far down this path I find myself,

                       I can always turn around.

                       I can be the change…

                       So I found an empty lot,

35                   Barreled in and grasped my cell phone.

                        I stroked the keys to the only 10 digit number I could remember.

                        Her delicate voice responded, “Hello?”

                        I contemplated the right thing to say,

                        She asked again, this time with a sniffle, “Hello?”

40                   With a deep breath, I finally replied,

                        “Hey baby, can I come home?”

© 2014 Tyler J. Page

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Added on February 9, 2014
Last Updated on July 14, 2014
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Tyler J. Page
Tyler J. Page

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