Deal for the unsalted

Deal for the unsalted

A Story by Steven

The soup spoon in his hand was starting to grow heavy as well the last of the soups heat dissipating. Till at the end of the table he stood and spoke out breaking the silence “in case anyone has forgotten this pathetic excuse of eloquent grandeur has long past lost its flavor.” All set waiting for the next phase to start. Again the same man spoke “My last try has been tried, my numbers have been dwindled, and we set in the era of mass wealth…what is my compensation?

All looked left curious to the response from the head of the table. Slowly the chair moved back as the head of the table man stood to address the question while wiping his mouth frailly Slowly he rests his napkin in the empty bowl of soup then continued

The gaze both were sharing was unbreakable. The man that first spoke responded with “matter at hand?!” the only matter at hand is trying to figure out why we are the only ones eating soup while the rest consume steak and rare delicacies.”

Still the man at the head of the table kept intense eye contact remaining completely still while responding

Usually the man at the head of the table spoke like this when there was warning of danger and attention to detail and spoken clues were imperative. Quickly the man that spoke first lowered his gaze and sat down. Dwelling on all words and circumstances that could explain what was happening now.

Still the man at the head of the table was standing with a slow grin forming. While all the people seated in-between froze and gazed in curious confusion.

The man who spoke first that was now sitting was now sweating the thoughts in his mind had reached a boiling point. To himself he thought (he knows im allergic to salt) slowly the man that was at the head of the table walked past now with one arm at this back silently making his way back to his chair. The man that first spoke reached for the small salt shaker then looked around feeling light headed and noticing the others setting at the table were looking drowse. The man was now at the head of the table now watching and waiting for the choice to be made. Looking back at the salt shaker and back at the man at the head of the table he unscrewed the top and stood up and said “a man gains by accepting what is given to him and he earns not by taking what he wants” and poured the contents of the salt shaker in his mouth. In the presence of only the man at the head of the table.        

© 2012 Steven

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Added on October 1, 2012
Last Updated on October 16, 2012
Tags: think, deep, dialogue, short but good, quick read



havelock, NC

I write stories that will tell me how people are from there questions and responses. don't know how to get this dang picture right side up! more..