encounter for dreamer

encounter for dreamer

A Story by Steven

up for intertitation


Dreams are clear it’s just the conclusions that aren’t.


Quickly jumping without hesitation reaching in mid air to aim at the attacking foe, pulling the trigger trusting every shot depending on the outcome. He drifts in the horrific meditation called gunplay, while counting on impulse to do the rest. Landing with a shove sliding to cover he leans up to a sitting position reloading only hearing the quick clicks of the operation involved while gazing at all the small splashes of da-bree. That for some reason remind him of rain on rainy day. Shoving the last full clip in he calls out for any feedback from the other men in his unit. No response.

Being quite with slow calculated breathes he listens for movement, instead he hears small words “now he should be on his last clip” then a response like two people are having a conversation right next to him.”well can he hear us?”

Leaning up to a standing position he glances over the broken wall he slid behind… looking left to right high and low… nothing….he saw nothing. Squinting his eyes walking out from behind the wall he held his weapon at the ready stopping every couple of steps to listen. Half way to the area his enemy lay he hears more of the conversation. “then we will just have to wake him up wont we?” again with a second voice responding  “to finish the transition yes but he must be scared or killed sir to” they died off again.

The weapon ready for use in his hand his breath becoming less visible in the cold air the wind and environment reclaiming sound he kept approaching the site that he last shot at to be honest he was trying to remember what it looked like quickening the pace to get out of the open there was nothing laying on the ground nothing at all. Kneeling to check for trackable evidence telling him something he heard a click and a pain in his right shoulder  falling to the ground looking for the source he looked up a his past position at the wall and saw himself walking toward him aiming his gun he notice blood running down the the mans shoulder who looked like him.

Sparing no time to figure anything out he shot the first of his new clip at the man, hitting the man right in the head he still kept coming again he fired landing it in the center of the chest nothing not even a stumble. The man was now half way to him running out of options trying to make sense acting more out of lucid insanity he put the gun to his own temple and pulled the trigger the look alike fell instantly un moving.  Standing to his feet holding his arm looking at the fallen look alike trying to find his gun…he found nothing  he slowly fell to his knees looking skyward not knowing what was going on. Then again the conversation was herd to his horror “look just send the thing, kill him I don’t care whatever it takes to wake him up”  the response sounded different this time though “ sir your about put an innocent man in a cage with the worst contorted imagination from a serial killers nightmare…” then a more dominate voice interrupted this is the whole reason we are doing this is too”. Again the conversation ended, now losing body heat going slowly to a crouch feeling the wind caring more snow closing his eyes hoping the circumstances would end, a cry interrupted his senses a disturbing cry one that sounded like sad music but felt like a migraine. As he opened his eyes he saw from behind the damaged wall a man around 30 with a yellow collared shirt with his head down looking for something then another came from behind the wall he couldn’t see this person just the yellow shirt looking at the ground as well then more and more started to come from behind the wall, as they got closer I could hear comments of “I just can’t believe how long we have been looking and not found them” then a young women with a black dress wearing a turtle neck appeared out of the crowd of yellow shirts gazing at you, all he sees is the long silk skirt barely touching the ground taking steps toward him the heads of all the young yellow shirted men lean up looking at him as well the comments broke the silk stunned trance of “he has some I can smell them there blue I know it” looking around at the crowd moving toward him darting his gaze noticing none of the men have eyes still they see how? He thought ? then the woman spoke “they ate them in order to see what I see” she said. Saying nothing as they walked over my dead clone lifting him up careing his limp body to the woman she reached through the wound in his head pulling out his brain tossing it aside then reaching in again for the eyes and saying in a deep voice “this ones done bring the other one but were not only takeing his eyes”.              

© 2012 Steven

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Added on October 1, 2012
Last Updated on October 16, 2012
Tags: think, deep, dialogue, short but good, quick read



havelock, NC

I write stories that will tell me how people are from there questions and responses. don't know how to get this dang picture right side up! more..