Bottled up foe

Bottled up foe

A Story by Steven

My knees started to give way, my legs were shaking violently. My left arm won’t move. My right eye won’t seem to open. Still, though he stands there.  Amidst all the fire the exploding ground he waits, my rifle starts to drag in my right hand, I can’t lift it anymore.  Then he spoke a smile. His eyes still waiting, his arms still crossed. My poster stooped now still moving forward toward him. Every drag of my legs was torture; tears stared to flow as much as the bleeding. While trying to look forward I didn’t notice the small rock in my path. In the imbalance I lost the rifle while falling on my right arm landed on something when trying to break my fall. My left eye struggled to focus now on the assessment of what had happened something in the debris shaped like a nail was sticking through my forearm. That’s it I thought I have nothing else. He has me now. Awaiting my fait I looked up to witness my last moments. 

To my shock and curious fear what was he doing he was tossing his pistol and knife he was disarming but why? My face contorted to fearful confusion. He turned me over and spoke saying “why am I alive? Why do I get to witness this distasteful fate of all that match my chance of release? How can I trade fates?” Slow cold tears began to steam from his eyes as if for the first time. Still he continued. I have nothing in my mind but eyes like yours staring back at me! This is a weapon none can defeat! What is my fate but to not have and end? When will I see my family again when will I have a chance to see them? When will I hear my daughter say Daddy I love you? Instead of remembering her screaming Daddy where are you? Give me your fate!” 

Amidst the emotional snare the shaking caused by his grip on my shirt collar. I seized the moment of opportunity I moved my right arm into position preparing to strike. Then I said be at ease brother you are in a different place the place change and neither expected what happened next

© 2012 Steven

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Added on October 1, 2012
Last Updated on October 1, 2012
Tags: think, deep, dialogue, short but good, quick read



havelock, NC

I write stories that will tell me how people are from there questions and responses. don't know how to get this dang picture right side up! more..