Twisted Party part 1

Twisted Party part 1

A Story by TwistedTwins

Akasha and Sloan meet by chance at this twisted kinky party.


Akasha straightened her ponytail and reapplied her gloss in the mirror of the decadent bathroom inside of the luxurious mansion this masquerade party was being thrown in. She chuckled to herself because Ian, the British b*****d who'd she'd been ordered to apologize to, had been thoroughly blown away; no pun intended. They'd gotten along for the rest of the car ride suffice to say.

Her mask contoured to her face like it was painted on, swirling in a delicate lace pattern around her jade-colored eyes. Mr. Cane had tied it for her, kissing her on the cheek sweetly for a job well done. Just thinking about it made her smile. With a soft sigh, she turned to leave through the heavy wooden door she'd entered in when it burst open from the other side.

A young woman pushed through the door, clad in what looked like a single length red ribbon that wrapped around her body just enough to cover everything important and tied in a pretty bow across her chest. A simple, elegant mask of the same fiery shade sat upon her face, framing her emerald eyes. With a pinched expression and ruddy cheeks, she passed Akasha on her way to one of the stalls and slammed the door.

Akasha was going to just head back out to the party, but the girl’s expression gave her pause. She turned back to the mirror, pretending to fix her outfit while she waited for this woman to emerge from the stall. After a couple of minutes, the woman moved to stand beside her, leaning down to wash her hands, not looking in her direction.

“Hey, I love your outfit!” Akasha said by way of introduction.

“What,” The girl looked confused, as if she wasn’t even aware Akasha stood there, “Oh, thanks. I like yours too.” Blushing, she returned to washing her hands quietly.

“I’m Akasha,” she smiled gently, “You?”

“Nice to meet you, Akasha. I’m Sloan.”

“Is this your first ‘freak fest’?” she chuckled, her secret name for these parties an inside joke between her and her Dom.

“Is it really that obvious?” Sloan groaned, a blush rising to fill her cheeks.

“I can only tell because this isn’t mine,” she winked, trying to lighten the girl up. “It was either that or the alternative.”

Sloan blinked, head tilted to the side giving the appearance of confusion.

“You know,” her eyes rolling dramatically, “you upset your Dom and in turn upset yourself. Maybe I’m just projecting.” she said with another laugh.

Sloan rolled her eyes, her lips trembling. “It seems like all I’ve been doing lately is disappointing him, I’m so new at this.”

Akasha’s heart squeezed when she saw the tears forming in Sloan’s eyes. She instinctively reached out and hugged her, stroking her hair.

“Shh, darling. It’s alright.” She set her back, grabbing a warm towel to dab at the girl’s eyes. “All of this, is just a giant learning experience.” She gripped Sloan’s chin, forcing her to meet her eyes. “For everyone. That includes your Dom.”

Sloan’s eyes widened, as if the fact had never even occurred to her.

“So if your Dom ever does something you don’t like,” she patted her face dry with her thumbs to smooth her makeup, “or something that pushes you too far, tell him immediately. So he’ll know to never do it again.”

Sloan sniffled, nodding enthusiastically.

“And if he does ever push too hard without your express permission,” she smiled what was surely a shark’s smile, “you come and get me.”

Sloan smiled up at Akasha as she reached down to adjust her outfit.

“I swear, I think he picked this outfit to deliberately make me uncomfortable.”

“No, I think he picked it out because you look hot in it. It really shows off your curves in all the right places.” Akasha winked at Sloan, making her giggle.

Sloan slowly twirled around to show off the full outfit. Sloan was a short woman, so she had on 4 inch stilettos which put her right at Akasha’s shoulders.

“Yes, girl!” Akasha clapped her hands together, happy to encourage her and lift her spirits. It was a party after all.

Hearing a light knock on the door, both women’s heads turned to the direction of the sound. The door cracked open.

“Sloan? You okay, pet?” A deep voice resonated throughout the entire bathroom, a mix of worry and impatience.

Sloan turned, flashing Akasha a small smile. “My Sir awaits. I’ll talk to you later?”

“I’ll be the one screaming in orgasm.” Akasha heard Sloan chuckling as she walked out the door.

As Akasha walked out of the bathroom, she watched Sloan smiling up at a man, who had to be her Dom.

He was tall, around 6 foot 4 or so, with slicked back hair that was long on the top and shorter on the sides. A plain black suit fitted to his muscular body with a tie fashioned out of the same ribbon that adorned Sloan’s body wrapped around his neck. His light blue, almost gray eyes were surrounded by a black mask.

Before she could inspect him any further, Mr.Cane stepped in her line of sight.

“Come.” he said, his hand outstretched.

Oh, she planned to.

© 2018 TwistedTwins

Author's Note

*Gasp* A collab?? A & C are co-writing a story that meshes their individual talents into one smoking hot story. This is part one.

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Added on February 22, 2018
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