A Poem by Abraham Luna

We all go through experiences that make some of us grow up faster than others.


Abraham Luna


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You’re probably wondering why the title is left blank. It’s not left blank for its already a title it’s a thought. The mind can be your prison, and it’s up to the human to free itself, but how does one free themselves from something that is with them 24/7? You can’t However, there are alternatives to forget. Jameson? Patron? Hennessey? Suicide?  Pick your poison it all starts the same once you have that first swig of gasoline. Your confidence sky rockets maybe that why they call it liquid courage. By midnight you’re playing Ice Cube’s Bow Down Saying you’re the big dog while you’re in the cold a*s garage. Now you’re asleep on the pool table. Mother wakes you up to bring you inside so you don’t freeze and now you’re arguing. I’m still awake because of your loud a*s music downstairs. Then I hear you yelling. The house rumbles with your anger. Anger that can’t be contained. Anger that can only be absorbed by the walls or mother. Now a chair leg is stuck through the wall. The glass table is shattered all over the floor. Maybe I should have let you kill yourself. I didn’t though because I cared for you. You needed some kind of release from bloodshed. Father I wish you would have you would have gotten better. But you destroyed us and your brother’s death on the field doesn’t help it only enables you to drink more. You have the memories of a war hero, but you’re no hero to me.

© 2017 Abraham Luna

Author's Note

Abraham Luna
I understand combat veterans need help and they're miss understood. I thank the ones that are doing better and I understand how serious the issue is so don't take offence to it. I wrote this from my experiences I was only 13 when all this happened sooo yeah I only write to find a release not to bash on people.

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I like your poem ) short but to the point.By my opinion, there are no any unnecessary sentences.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on December 2, 2017
Last Updated on December 5, 2017
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Abraham Luna
Abraham Luna


I'm 19. I'm slowly getting better at writing. more..

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